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Monday, April 01, 2019

Detachment 3 Archangel Black And Red

via this auction

"A rare bird, and one of the most musical sequencers in all of 5u. Four rows of voltages per addressable stage, with keyboard controller and an amazingly flexible quantizer. Very few have been made so far, perhaps only 50, so this is an unusual chance to own one of these extremely cool little things.

It outputs normal modular 1v/octave and can be used with large format MU/Moog/MOTM or Eurorack as well -- just get some big jack to tiny jack cables and you're ready to go."

Saturday, March 09, 2019

Airwolf sequence - Radiophonic One vs RD-808 vs Archangel

Published on Mar 9, 2019 suitandtieguy

"RIP Jan-Michael Vincent. Sylvester Levay made some amazing music for Airwolf. This is the tiniest bit."

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Detachment 3 Archangel 16-step Sequencer with Touchplate Keyboard SN 008

via this auction

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Detachement 3 Spinner - Stereo Ring Mod Based on the Yamaha CS80 Spotted at NAMM

via @experimentalsynth

"#namm2017 stereo ring mod based on CS-80 design"

Cool that they kept the CS80 font and design cues. It almost looks like it was pulled from the front panel of CS-80.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Patchwerks Seattle Synth Meet August 2016 Pics

Patchwerks Seattle Synth Meet August 2016

Above are a few pics I took at the event. It's a Flickr slide show, so mouse over for the controls. As always it was a great event filled with synth enthusiasts. Huge thanks to Patchwerks and Melrose Market Studios for hosting.

Some highlights this time around included some great talks from MØFFENZEEF Modular, Syntegrator representing KiwiTechnics & Vyzor, and Korg. Also present were Scott Jaeger of Industrial Music Electronics, Joe Grisso of Detachment 3 Engineering & STG, with an Archangel sequencer and expander and 5U system, George Mattson of Mattson Mini Modular, Synthrotek and DinSync. On the hardware front, aside from various eurorack and 5U systems, there was a small Bugbrand modular, a new Minimoog Model D, Mother 32 & a Brother From Another Mother, a DSI Prophet 12, an EML 100, MFB Dominion 1, and more as you can see in the pics. A cool surprise was that Theremin World was also present. The best part of events like these of course are meeting likeminded people, familiar faces, and people you only knew online prior to the event. To everyone I met that complimented my work on the site, thank you for the support! It is appreciated.

Be sure to see the Patchwerks channel for previous posts for this event as well as the one back in April.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

STG Soundlabs / Archangel modular jam

"Just a simple one-track live jam. A decent amount of sound considering it's a single mono track with only two oscillators.

Patch info: FutureRetro XS VCOs 1 & 2 into STG mixer; VCO1 also sent to STG Pulse Matrix which is producing an additional PWM waveform and sub-octave into the mixer. Remaining mixer channel is a feedback loop from the FR XS (creates resonant stabs when turned up). The mixer output goes through an STG Post-Lawsuit Lowpass filter, and then back into the FR XS external input, where the mixed signal is acted on by the XS filter (resonant highpass) / VCA / envelopes.
The Post-Lawsuit filter is being modulated by one row of the Archangel sequencer/touch keyboard, and by the XS filter envelope... another row of the Archangel sequencer is creating the melody on XS VCO2, while the touch keyboard is transposing everything between two keys (which I am playing live and intermittently forget to change keys). Gate pattern is provided by STG Soundlabs Trigger Sequencer. Delay & verb are plug-ins; Bitwig native delay and TSAR-1 reverb.
Drum loop is Roland TR-8, which I was ignoring in the background... it's recorded separately so the take isn't ruined. ;)"

Friday, September 18, 2015

Suit & Tie Guy and Raul Pena Knobcon Recap - New Moog Mother32 Details

The SynthSummitShow episode 1: Suit & Tie guy and Raul Pena of Modular wild Knobcon recap

Streamed live on Sep 18, 2015 Flux302 of

Update: mockup of the Mother32 in the video posted here with one other.

Some info on the upcoming Moog Mother32 at 21:30 - 14 knobs, 9 switches, 35 jacks including power, audio and midi. 10 pin eurorack connector on back. Built in sequencer.

"This is a Live show dedicated to all things Synthesizer related.
Hosted By Flux of and and Bryce Dickerson (
Special Guests this week include Suit & Tie Guy
we recap KnobCon 2015 , and introduce this wonderful new show!"

Monday, April 20, 2015

AHMW Pics by hotrod.hotrodimus

You'll find the full set on Flickr here.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Patch Talk: Santa Fe 2015

Published on Feb 3, 2015 suitandtieguy's channel

"I'm working on a track with my friend Ron Sunsinger at his house in Santa Fe NM and I thought I'd run through what we have patched up for all the knob knerds out there."

Monday, February 02, 2015

French Robot Muzak

Published on Dec 25, 2013 Salz-Peter Zucker

"Got a bit oldschool, I suppose...

The main theme is done by the Club of the Knobs / Moon 569, 'staccato strings' by Zeroscillator / A-100, the robotsequence by E-340, both sequenced by the Archangel. The singing saw is played by the S-2000 as the the sub is, again both sequenced by rené. Percussion by the D-1000. Slightly Moisturized and strymoned. Just started the workout and did some fading on the mixer in the beginning and the end, the sequences are mixed by maths."

Monday, January 26, 2015

STG Soundlabs modular synths at NAMM 2015

Published on Jan 25, 2015 keyboardmag1

"STG Soundlabs modular synths at NAMM 2015"

Friday, June 06, 2014

random slide trumpet

Published on Jun 6, 2014 caleb condit·66 videos

"using the 266 source of uncertainty to modulate the sequence running on the archangel from detachment3"

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

STG Soundlabs Envelope Generator and Detachment 3 Archangel at NAMM 2014

Published on Feb 4, 2014 Electronic Musician Magazine·55 videos

"An in-depth demonstration of the STG Soundlabs Envelope Generator and Detachment 3 Archangel, both of which are used with synth modules."

Note the envelope can act as an LFO or oscillator.

See a direct audio demo here.

MATRIXSYNTH NAMM 2014: New EMS SYNTHI Eurorack Oscillator & ENV by STG

Update: Two EMS Envelop Generators in there as well. You can find a close-up of the envelop including Trapazoid and Pyrimid Blaster modes here. More pics of each posted in the set here, and the oscillator here and here.

Detachment 3 Engineering Archangel provides the sequencing.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Knobcon is Coming to Chicago September 13 -14

Full details at

This year's line-up includes performances by Todd Barton (performance & 2hr Buchla clinic), The Synth Freq, Suit & Tie Guy, Cory Flanigan and incredible live visuals by brownshoesonly.

Makers/manufacturers on hand demonstrating and even selling gear include: Company of Quail, Detachment 3, Five12, Foxtone Music, The Harvestman Digital Audio Electronics, Low-Gain Electronics, Livewire Electronics, Make Noise, MegaOhm Audio, Monorocket, Steady State Fate, STG Soundlabs & WMD.

You can check out posts for last years event via the Knobcon label (scroll down for older posts).

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sub Phatty | Modular Control with Suit & Tie Guy of STG Sound Labs

Published on Jul 22, 2013 MoogMusicInc·246 videos

"Suit & Tie Guy of STG Sound Labs brought his modular synthesizer by the Moog Sound Lab and controlled four of our Sub Phatty Analog Synthesizers with his labyrinth of analog modules."

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Archangel demo

Published on Jun 23, 2013 MongoSynth·25 videos

"Matt Stone playing Suit and Tie Guy's synth, with an Archangel controller at the I/O modular synth meet."

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Digital Attenuators and new .SHN demo

Published on Jun 17, 2013 suitandtieguy·38 videos

"here's how you can use the Digital Attenuators as a perfectly pedestrian, yet clear and precise, VCA.

available soon at"

Friday, April 19, 2013

Archangel Sequencer from Detachment 3

Published on Apr 19, 2013 artoftravelogue·5 videos

"Here is a demonstration of the Archangel Sequencer. More information for the sequencer can be found at If you like this video, be sure to check out my other videos and my website:"

Monday, March 18, 2013 presents the archangel sequencer

Published on Mar 18, 2013 caleb condit·36 videos

"My friend Mark and I went to STG Soundlabs to get a closer look at the soon to be released Detachment 3 Archangel sequencer. With 4 rows of 16 steps and quantized jazz inputs, complete RME system compatability and a VLC auto-update feature set, it's sure to please.
Go to to check out my blog if you want to read all about modular synths and geek out."

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