MATRIXSYNTH: Super Rare Buchla Thunder Ribbon Midi Controller SN 1072

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Super Rare Buchla Thunder Ribbon Midi Controller SN 1072

via this auction

"In a nutshell, it is a configurable controller. You tell each key what to do. It is hugely flexible. Each key can send on any mixture of MIDI channels. Each can send note on/off data and a huge range of user configurable controller data. Keys can be conditional in reaction to each other in a manner summarized as "don't do this unless that has happened first on Key 13" or similar.
A user can record 99 events shared across 8 slots that can be edited ex-post facto and fired off and stopped at will. It is called "Riff Recording" and I quite like it.
One way in which the Thunder differs from the 200e-series controllers is that many of the keys can be split into multiple independent keys. Each of the long 'fader' style keys can be split in half. The hexagonal "joystick" or "X/Y" keys can be partitioned into 3 keys.
Every key is pressure sensitive. That pressure can be assigned to many kinds of controller output messages. Each key can be different.
Each key is also "Impact" aware and can sense and transmit the initial striking forces independently."

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