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Saturday, March 03, 2018

New FaithState 12-Voice Modular Synthesizer for $444.99

Published on Mar 3, 2018 Peley Krane

Update: the website link is down, and I have a report from a reader that some customers are no longer receiving communication from them. As always, be careful... I've reached out to Peley Krane and will report back when/if I hear back.

"FaithState is Now Available From

A Collection of 9 Function Generators, FaithState is a Complete Modular Synthesizer System"

High level features (be sure to see for more):


12 Voices of 16-Bit Digital Waveform Audio are Simultaneously Controlled Using 3 Identical Control Channels (1,2,3). Each of these Channels Contain a Voltage Input Jack for Pitch, Amplitude, and WaveBlend.

This Unique Approach to Synthesis Voicing Combines the Classic "Oscillator Section", "VCA", and "Audio Mixer" Sections Into a Single Digital Voice Unit.

A Library Containing Over 500 WaveForms has been Designed, Created, and Split into 85 Unique Groups of 6 WaveForms Each (WaveSets). 2 of these 6-Voice Wavesets Can be Mixed, Blended, and Tuned against Eachother at a time using Controls "WaveSet/Mix" and "Detune"


The Final Stage of the Audio Path is Routed Through the Digital Multimode Filter.

Choose Between Lowpass, Bandpass, HighPass Filter Modes.
Set Resonance by Knob and Modulate Filter Cutoff Frequency using the Voltage Control Input.


A Retake of the Classic Dual Slope Generator Concept with Added Controls "Range" and "Origin"

This Highly Shapable Function Generator is an Excellent Source of Modulations Useful Throughout the FaithState System.

4-Stage Voltage Bank:

8 Voltages are Set and Stored by 8 Knobs Arranged into 2 Rows of 4. Lights Indicate Current Stage (1-4) with The 2 Voltages Stored on That Stage Currently Output on (A) and (B). There are Various Ways of Clocking, Shuffling, Selecting, and Addressing the 4 Voltage Stages.


5 Asynchronous Timers are Connected to 7 Individual Gate/Trigger Outputs.
Each of the 5 Timers Represent a Unique Time Range Giving an Extended Control over Possible Gate Time Combinations (5 millis - 10 minutes)
All 5 of these Individual Gate Timers are also "Flowing" Into 2 Special Additional Gate Outputs (Combined Gate Outputs (A) & (B))
These Outputs Represent the Combined Gates from all Five Timers.

Combined Gate Output (A) Will Output the Gate State of ALL 5 Timers as they go High and Low.
Combined Gate Output (B) Will be Outputting the Inverse Gate State of Combined Output (A) at All Times.

Sample and Hold:

A Gate/Pulse (Or Grey Voltage at 100%) on the "Trigger" Input Will "Sample" or Capture the Current Voltage Level Present at the -Voice Channel 3- Pitch Input Jack.
This "Captured" Voltage Will Now be Held and Output on Output (A) Until the "Trigger" Input Receives a New Gate/Pulse Signal, Thus Sampling a New Voltage from the Input Jack.

Slope mini:

A Compact Version of the Triangle Function Generator Modulation Source

4-Stage Voltage Bank (Single Row):

A Compact, Single Row Version of the 4-Stage Voltage Bank, with Added CLocking Controls


An Absolute Necessity When Experimenting with Interactions Between Modular Functionalities is the Ability to "Duplicate" a certain Signal into Several Copies of Itself.
These Copies can then be Sent to Multiple Destinations, Allowing the Original Control Signal to Now Have Influence over Many Parameters at the Same Time.
These Multiples Jacks Can Also be Used to Combine Output Voltage Signals Together from Multiple Sources to Create an Entirely New Summed Signal from the Various Sources.

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