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Thursday, March 08, 2018

Sequential Circuits PROPHET VS Digital Vector Synthesizer with 1.2 OS

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Note the comment in the following description regarding it doesn't sound like a subtractive synth is a bit misleading. It is a subtractive synth with four digital oscillators that you can morph through. That said, with its analog filters it does sound amazing. Vector synthesis made its way in entirely digital form into the Yamaha TG33 & SY22, followed by the KORG Wavestation.

"Very hard to find in MINT condition, and especially with the rare OS Ver. 1.2. These were over-engineered and built by American craftsmen like a tank, to last.

Such an elegant musical instrument: Consider these features:

The most fully-developed hardware version of vector waveform synthesis (realtime joystick user-controlled wavetable modulation) ever made, to this very day. Vector synthesis permits the musician to create musical, moving and morphing leads and pads in real time and in sync with any backing track. A unique form of synthesis found in only a handful of synths, and none more fully developed to realize startlingly unusual, musical sounds than the Prophet VS.

Excellent synth-action velocity-sensitive keyboard, Alternate Release Footswitch and second Footswitch expression controls for maximum realtime sonic control (along with the Vector Waveform Joystick, of course).
An intuitive, easy-to-use, realtime arpeggiator: Indeed, the arpeggiator on the Prophet VS keyboard is one of the most expansive and creative arpeggiators ever released by any keyboard manufacturer.

Extensive, easy-to-use modulation matrix: Program control of almost any parameter from almost any other parameter: For example, program Velocity to control Filter Cutoff, etc. A very useful front panel chart and direct dedicated panel buttons make modulation source and destination programming a breeze.

Random patch generator: Why doesn't every synth have this?!
On-board rich, usuble analog chorus.
Luxurious textured steel covering the instrument: Truly striking in appearance compared to most garden-variety synths.

Sounds programmed on the Prophet VS using vector waveform synthesis sound like no other type of synthesis - not analog subtractive; not Fourier; not standard digital waveform; not FM; not sampled acoustic, etc). The Prophet VS stands alone in this respect. Just check out some YouTube videos on the subject. Only a couple of hardware keyboards ever provided for vector synthesis; and those were not as advanced as the Prophet VS - with inferior musical results.

A word about the other variation of the Prophet VS (rack), and why the Prophet VS Keyboard is the most desirable version: Like the mighty Yamaha CS-80 with its unique performance-oriented controls (for example, ribbon strip controller), or the Roland Jupiter-8 (with its extensive real-time split/layer/arpeggiator functions), the real potential of the Prophet VS is only realized with the Keyboard version and its within-reach, front panel real-time user controllable Vector Synthesis Joystick. The Joystick function is one of the most unique aspects of the Prophet VS and an inherent part of its sound, and is something that is simply lost to the musician playing the Prophet VS rack remotely from another keyboard (as a MIDI master controller)."

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