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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

1974 Conn Electric Band Analog Synthesizer, Drum Machine & Chord Organ

Published on Aug 2, 2017 keyboard resource

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"1974 Conn Electric Band Monophonic Analog Synthesizer & Drum Machine Extremely RARE!

This loud and unique instrument is one part preset monophonic analog synthesizer with aftertouch (like the ARP Pro-Soloist, Roland SH-2000 or Moog Satellite), one part simple drum machine (only six rhythms) and one part chord organ. The strum pattern is different if you select the "Bag Pipes" preset. Most voices have vibrato as aftertouch effect. But, "Musical Saw"'s aftertouch effect speeds up the vibrato effect (similar to growl on ARP Pro-Soloist).

There are some interesting sounds like: "Mod" (where the LFO starts and then speeds up after you release the key), "Space Junk" (where the LFO speeds up and the pitch drops) and "Blast Off" (where the pitch goes higher and higher and fades after releasing the key). My favorite is "Hill Band" which has a built-in wah-wah effect and is effected by the chords in the left hand section.

The "Adjustables On" section gives you some basic controls: two tones (A,B) mix, "Wa-Wa" amount, vibrato speed and depth, sustain and portamento amount. It also has a built-in reverb with three levels for deep space craziness.

This one is quirky in that the left-hand chords sometimes don't work and the bass note sometimes gets stuck on a certain pitch."

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