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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Intellijel Tetrapad - modular jam session

Published on Apr 11, 2018 ollilaboratories

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I received the Intellijel tetrapad today, this got me really excited as this takes my "control boat" to the level where i want to be.. e.g tactile surfaces to control voltages and what nots in my modular system. It helps with not having to dive in between cables, e.g just patch up the stuff i usually want to control, or some other weird stuff and go with the flow. :)

I took a track that i am currently working on, sort of finished up.. used that old patch to save some time, slowed down the bpm a bit and hooked up the tetrapad.

Tetrapad is in fader mode, with 1-.3 in latch, and 4 momentary. First one listed is fader, second is pressure.

Fader 1: Ripples filter cutoff and an envelope release/fall in maths used for the A-111-3 VCO bass line. VCA is uVCA, driven pretty hot.

Fader 2: Structure and Brightness to the Rings melody.

Fader 3: uVCF filter cutoff and timbre for the SYNC sound sequence on braids.

Fader 4: Pitch and decay for the BIA rhythm pattern.

All is sequenced by the winter modular eloquencer. There is also a fair bit of modulation going on from PAM and uO_C, especially for BIA to create some extra movement to the drum pattern.

FX for Rings and Braids is the strymon timeline, BIA and A-111-3 keeley caverns."

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