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Monday, April 09, 2018

Percussa SSP Update

A few updates from the Percussa SSP Kikstarter site:

"SSP Manufacturing, Packaging, Backer Surveys, Software and Superbooth news!

Hi everyone,

A lot has happened since our last update on the SSP kickstarter!

1) electronic parts and assembly

We have all the parts in stock to assemble all the SSPs, apart from the SMT pushbutton switches which are due to be delivered in the next weeks. As soon as we have those the parts will be kitted and dropped off at our subcontractor. It will then take a week or two to get the boards back and start building and packaging the SSPs and another week to get them shipped.

2) front panel machining

We already have all the front panels for the SSPs, but are doing the engraving of logos and some usability improvements of the front panel (input/output matrix division line) on our own machine this week, then sending them off for anodisation to a local subcontractor somewhere next week.

You can see a video of a front panel being engraved on our CNC router below. Since we shot that video we've significantly sped up the engraving by a factor of 4x. The subcontractor will take about a week to anodise the panels and return them to us.

3) development and testing of software v1.0 in full swing

Since our last update Celine finished her navigation code for the network editor (patcher), as well as the scaling code for inputs and outputs of the modules. You can now navigate the patching screen using the first two encoders. The next two are used to navigate the input/output lists for the modules, and using SHIFT+encoder 3/4 will change the scaling of the signals sent/received. So you have the ability to scale signals both on the sending and receiving end of a module. The patcher screen also now supports multiple pages and patching across pages, which allows you to build bigger patches. You can see the X/Y navigation using encoders in the animated GIF below.

I also extended our module system so you have multiple outputs per module, and I rolled all the MIDI / MPE related code into a new MIDI module with pitch, pitch wheel, aftertouch, velocity on and velocity off, as well as MIDI CC support. This way you can connect something like the ROLI Seaboard or Roger Linn's Linnstrument, and have full access to all the data those controllers offer. The MIDI module also lets you route the signals anywhere you want inside or outside the SSP and you can group MIDI modules into voices which makes it easy to build polyphonic synthesis patches. Being able to treat the MIDI data as signals within the modular patch allows many new creative possibilities.

Our plan for version 1.0 of the SSP software, to be included with the shipments of the SSPs, is to have all the base features of the kickstarter implemented and tested. The modules from the stretch goals as well as the SDK will be delivered in the form of incremental updates after the SSPs have been shipped and everyone starts to use the SSP. Obviously we'll also be fixing bugs as we release updates.

In the meantime we've also enlisted someone to help test our software. You can see an assembled SSP from the first production run above (Thanks Matt!). This has been a huge help in fixing bugs and adding usability improvements.

4) stretch goal module voting

We will be surveying all the backers for shipping address soon (more below) and will at the same time collect votes for the stretch goal modules. We’ll announce the results of the voting later on after we’ve shipped the SSPs.

5) shipment schedule

Due to testing and the logistics of getting the SSPs being built there will be a 1 month delay in pledges being shipped. This means that pledges with an April ship date will be shipped in May, and those with previously a May ship date will be shipped in June. We will be surveying backers in the next weeks so we can all get your shipping addresses ahead of time.

We are extremely proud of the SSP. Blood, sweat, and tears have gotten us this point. We appreciate the support and patience from you all. We are confident that when you get your SSP you will not fail to see all the care we have taken in every step of its design, manufacture, and assembly.

6) the SSP at Superbooth

We'll be showing the SSP at Superbooth this year and look forward to seeing any of you who are able to venture out that way! We have a limited number of one-day visitor tickets available that we can hand out to backers who want to make the trip to Superbooth. If you are a backer and would like a ticket please send us a message through our kickstarter page.

As always, thanks again for your support and for backing the SSP!

Bert & Celine"

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