MATRIXSYNTH: Analog Flange (Matrixbrute: "Air Raid at The End of The World")

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Analog Flange (Matrixbrute: "Air Raid at The End of The World")

Published on Jul 14, 2018 Kris Lennox

"Of course, try loud with cans on. This piece is both an original work and a demo of the analog flange on the MB. I've been sniffing around online, and for some reason the analog effects get a bad rep. I don't know why. If I'm missing something, do let me know. More text below if you're bored and fancy a read:

The sound is absolutely stunning. Something worth noting: it is natural for there occasionally to be some channel distortion when analog effects are driven through a signal to this level. You'll hear it at some points in the track. It isn't an over-maximised master, but part of the original signal. Personally, I don't mind it at all.

The sound itself (i.e. prior to the flange) took a few days to make. For once I actually had to save a sound!

I'm also playing to a rough guide. On the acoustic foam I have a piece of paper with cues RE direction to take the work in. Not a traditional score, of course, but more of a 'roadmap'.

Imagery: bombers flying overhead at armageddon.

Something I'd love to do: at the back of where I live are some hills/farmland. They overlook a few small towns. I'd love to go up one of the hills at 3am with the biggest speaker system I could find, and boom this over the towns. Naturally, everyone in the towns would want to murder me, but imagine opening up your window and hearing this! If it were me, I'd likely defecate myself, then smile at the thought of the impending destruction of the earth.

I'd do some short jail time, but what a gig! Worth it. There's too much bollocks 'risk taking' in the music industry these days. I'm sorry, doing a triangle in front of your face doesn't make you edgy. It just makes you a twat in need of a good slap. You and your manager.

If I was going to do jail time, I'd make it more worthy. Something like this would make a great psyop. I'd get it to Hamas, and they could boom it out one night over the Strip. That would level the playing field a little. Mass confusion is the way forward.

100% likely this would likely lead to charges of aiding and abetting 'terrorism'. But again, what a gig. Worth it.

'Arturia and the Axis of Evil'. Now that's a headline.

PS if in a month or so you don't see any posts from me, I probably will be in jail on terror-related offences.

I knew studying composition at conservatoire would come in handy one day.

PS a better version of the audio can be found over on Soundcloud -

Genuinely going to look into getting this to some folks out in Gaza.

All best

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