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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Vintage White Arp Odyssey Modified MKI 2800 Synthesizer w/ LED Sliders

via this auction

"This Original Arp Odyssey has been serviced and modified by a professional to fit any CV sequencer. I used it with a Cirklon. Cosmetically it has seen some wear and tear and the keyboard isn't perfect but 100% functional. It's the most aggressive and interesting sounding Odyssey I've ever experinced and I have spent time with 9 of them. If you have ever played any original Odyssey's you know that none of them sound the same and they all have their own interesting characteristics. Unlike my experience with the Korg remakes.

I'm going to go through everything that has been done in grocery list fashion.

New Sliders. Yes, every single slider has been replaced with LED sliders which are color coordinated to match the original color scheme. The new sliders dead accurate and work with ease. You can see how it really looks in low light in the last picture, Sweet!

All of the calibration pots have been replaced with 10 turn pots for the most accurate tuning an Arp Odyssey can have... Obviously the synth has been calibrated.

The original filter has been replaced with a "40235" filter. This combines two exact clones of the original 4023 and the 4035 filter onto the same board that you can switch between (see back of Arp) These filters sound incredible and give you the best of both worlds. I will include the original Arp filter but in my personal opinion, the 40235 filter wins hands down.

Last and most importantly, this Odyssey can accept ANY gate signal above 2 volts to fire off the ADSR without using a trigger input. So you can hook up ANY CV/Gate sequencer to it and it will work. (Beatstep, Cirklon, SH-101) Arp Odyssey’s require a gate of ~10 volts to fire the ADSR and avtrigger input that slightly offset from the gate. This makes them limited to the original Arp sequencers when it comes to controlling them with CV and Gate (yes ALL Odyssey’s have this limitation) This one has been modified to take any incoming gate signal above 2v and boost it up to 10v while delivering the offset trigger. This synth turns into a crazed animal when controlled by a sequencer such as a Cirklon."

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