MATRIXSYNTH: Akai MPK Mini Play (unboxing, review, sound demo) & Sound List

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Akai MPK Mini Play (unboxing, review, sound demo) & Sound List

Published on Oct 12, 2018 Chilled Coughee

"Quick hardware review of the new MPK mini Play from Akai. I will be reviewing all 128 key sounds along with the 10 drum kits. This controller/standalone is a great studio addition."

Sound list:

Pino (grand) 1 French Horn Std. Set
Piano (grand) 2 Brass Section Room Set
(El Grand) Piano 3 Synth Brass 1 Power Set
Honky-tonk piano Synth Brass 2 Elec. Set
El. Piano 1 Soprano Sax Tr808 Set
El. Piano 2 Alto Sax Jazz
Harpsichord Tenor Sax Brush
Clavi Baritone Sax Orchestra
Celesta Oboe SFX Set
Glockenspiel English Horn CM-64/32
Music Box Bassoon
Vibraphone Clarinet
Marimba Piccolo
Xylophone Flute
Tubular Bells Recorder
Santur Pan Flute
Drawbar Organ Blown Bottle
Percussive Organ Shakuhachi
Rock Organ Whistle
Church Organ Ocarina
Reed Organ Lead 1 (square)
Accordion (French) Lead 2 (sawtooth)
Harmonica Lead 3 (Calliope)
Tango Accordion Lead 4 (Chiff)
Ac. Guitar (nylon) Lead 5 (Charang)
Ac. Guitar (steel) Lead 6 (voice)
EL. Guitar (jazz) Lead 7 (Fifths)
El. Guitar (clean) Lead 8 (Bass Lead)
El. Guitar (muted) Pad 1 (Fantasia)
Overdrive Guitar Pad 2 (Warm)
Distortion Guitar Pad 3 (Polysynth)
Guitar Harmonics Pad 4 (Choir)
Acoustic Bass Pad 5 (Bowed)
Finger Bass Pad 6 (Metallic)
Picked Bass Pad 7 (Halo)
Fretless Bass Pad 8 (Sweep)
Slap Bass 1 FX 1 (Rain)
Slap Bass 2 FX 2 (Soundtrack)
Synth Bass 1 FX 3 (Crystal)
Synth Bass 2 FX 4 (Atmosphere)
Violin FX 5 (Brightness)
Viola FX 6 (Goblins)
Cello FX 7 (Echoes)
Contrabass FX 8 (sci-fi)
Tremolo Strings Sitar
Pizzicato Strings Banjo
Orchestral Harp Shamisen
Timpani Koto
String Ensemble 1 Kalimba
String Ensemble 2 Bag Pipe
Synth Strings 1 Fiddle
Synth strings 2 Shanai
Choir Aahs Tinkle Bell
Voice Oohs Agogo
Synth Voice Steel Drum
Orchestra Hit Woodblock
Trumpet Taiko Drum
Trombone Melodic Tom
Tuba Synth Drum
Muted Trumpet Reverse Cymbal Gt. Fret Noise Breath Noise Seashore Bird Tweet Teleph. Ring

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