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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

GeneralMusic S2R Music Processor Rack Synth

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"The S2R Music Processor is a digital synthesizer workstation with 6 MB of sampled waveforms as the basis for the oscillators which are processed through two Variable Filters and a programmable envelope. The S2R came standard with 2 MB of sample ram and the new Turbo feature which allows sample data to be loaded from floppy disk without having to be converted on a computer first.

The synthesizer engine is 32-note polyphonic.

The sound structure is similar to older Korg models: Two oscillators per voice (it can also use one oscillator per voice, but with some limitations) which can use one or two of the 209 waveforms included in ROM or any of the multisamples loaded into RAM.

There are two excellent 12 dB/Oct. resonant filters per voice which can be independently set as: Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Parameter Cut, or Parameter Boost. If the setting on both filters is exactly the same, they work as one 24dB/Oct. filter.

There are three 10-segment envelopes (Amp, Filter, Pitch) with the ability to create a continuous loop on any portion of the envelope.

There is one LFO with Sine, Triangle, Saw, Square, Random and S&H shapes, and a Panorama function with its own additional envelope for stereo imaging.

The sample edit function will read and edit samples in WAV, Akai and AIFF formats loaded in from DOS-formatted floppy disks

The S-Series instruments have all the basic editing functions of a sampler, including sample truncate, normalize, loop, etc., and can build a multisample from up to 16 single samples. Once the sample is created, it can be used in the same manner as any of the sounds from the ROM.

There is 2MB of RAM (volatile) dedicated for samples.

Performance mode can be made from up to 16 Sounds or Patches and the effects section settings. In the ROM of the instrument, there are 100 patches for Performances and they are automatically loaded when the instrument is powered-up.

The effects section consists of two blocks. The first of them includes different Reverb and Hall effects and a few Reverb/Delay combination effects. The second block includes very good Choruses, Flangers, Rotary Speaker simulations and some Pitch/Delay combinations.

The on-board Sequencer has up to 250,000 notes capacity, Quantization, Macro edit, Undo/Redo, Clipboard, Copy & Paste functions, and more. It can record all realtime controller movements including the polyphonic aftertouch and it can control two additional sound sources independently thanks to two independent MIDI interfaces. There is another 2MB of RAM dedicated for sequencer data. It can store 10 songs with 10 sequences per song.

The S2R is a solid 19 inch 4 space rackmount unit with multiple outputs for processing the sound. The unit also has buttons and a jog wheel for working and editing on the unit itself. The GeneralMusic S2R Series Music Processor is able to handle the complete, creative process, starting from sound synthesis right down to the registration of multitimbral songs and the complete control of the entire MIDI setup."

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