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Friday, November 09, 2018

80s Chord Voicing Tutorial

Published on Nov 9, 2018

"Thought it might be of use to do a video showing how to voice your everyday vanilla chords in an 80s way. It’s actually very simple, so hopefully it’s easy to grasp.

Here’s some emulations of the Juno-6, although it now seems the most popular one (the TAL-UNO-X) is no longer free and costs around £45. But that’s still very cheap for what it is.

All the featured chords if you want them written down (commence debate about whether 11 chords exist):

Fmaj7sus2 (LH = F C / RH = F G C E)

Dm11 (LH = D A / RH = F G A C)

Bbadd2 (LH = Bb F / RH = C D F)

Gm7sus2/4 (LH = G D / A C F)

Cadd4 (LH = C G / RH = C E F G)

Dm11 (LH = D A / C E F G)

F/C (LH = C F A / RH = C F A)

F/A (LH = A F / RH = A C F)

Ab6 (LH = Ab Eb / RH = C Eb F)

Gm7sus4 (LH = G D / C D F)

Thanks for watching."

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