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Monday, November 26, 2018

Audioweld® Synthwatch® - World’s First Wristwatch Synthesizer

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"Since ancient times music has been part of human life, being a method of self expression and communication. Rooted in instincts, music allows people to forget about their daily routine and connect themselves with the spiritual and the subconscious.

How many times has it happened to you to have a melody in your head without being able to get rid of it or... to express it somehow?

Our team has been seeking to develop a portable device that doesn’t need heavy machinery and long cables, easy to wear, user friendly and at the same time professional, ready to be used outdoors or inside a pro studio.

Why not a wristwatch? That's how the Synthwatch® idea was born.

But not just an idea.

Two years of development can be transformed in reality with your help. The Synthwatch® is a portable synthesizer that allows you to express yourself in every moment of your life. Its main function is real-time play that makes you able to create music, to record it and to add effects synthesized through the app (designed for iOS and Android users).

The solid Titanium Grade 5 watch case is extremely lightweight and is designed to hold perfectly such a piece of technology.

The Synthwatch keys are meant to be pressed by every kind of finger size. Moreover, the usb cable is equipped with a three and a half millimetres female jack which can be used to connect your Synthwatch to every kind of sound speaker or amplifier.

With the help of the app you can select the sequencer function and make your own music from A to Z! No time anymore? No worries! You can save both recordings and sequencer and come back to it when you have time!

Professional watchmakers family - since the '70s we are pioneers of horological innovation since the days of the first American diapason clock.

With a team of sound engineers, designers, electronic engineers, musical producers we created the first musical wrist watch - or better, the world's smallest synthesizer: the Synthwatch®.

If you are looking for a normal smartwatch with a step-counter and a heart-rate meter you should look elsewhere. Our idea can only be realised with your help! We invite you to help us and to make the story of the wrist watch .

By buying this piece of art and technology you are not just keeping it for yourself – you are making the history of watchmaking.

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