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Monday, November 05, 2018

Erica Synths Black Hole DSP2 (mega modular FX) *In Depth Euroack Demo*

Published on Nov 5, 2018 DivKidVideo

"**TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW** Here we have the wonderful Black Hole DSP2 from Erica Synths. It's a huge mega uber FX module for the Eurorack format with a tonne of delays, granular FX, reverbs, drone machines, pitch shifters, buffer effects and more! We can go from beautiful warm and lush FX, through more noisy and abstract FX alongside some unique patches/algorithms. We have a CV-able dry/wet blend, crush (with CV) to lower the internal clock rate and slow/pitch down the effects into noise and downsampling effects, there's 3 parameters per effect all with CV inputs and it's true stereo in and out (but mono to stereo is nice to create a stereo image). Throughout the video I show off each effect with a synth sequence (mainly the Erica Synths Graphic VCO [link below]) but there's at least one other sound per effect too with drums or samples (piano, thumb piano, synth stuff, textural beds etc). So grab a drink and sit through it or skip around below as you see fit. Cheers!

Timing index

00:43 Patch previews

02:28 Features, walkthrough


03:52 FX 01 Dual Delay

05:55 FX 02 Chirp Delay

08:00 FX 03 Lowpass Delay

09:44 FX 04 Hipass Delay

11:32 FX 05 Tap Tap Delay

13:41 FX 06 Hellraiser Delay

15:58 FX 07 Phazed Delay

17:25 FX 08 Granular Delay

18:43 FX 09 Pitch Shift Delay


20:14 FX 10-12 Shimmer Drift, Shimmer +, Shimmer -

22:55 FX 13 Big / Hall Reverb

25:44 FX 14 Room Reverb

28:19 FX 15 Stalker Reverb

31:37 FX 16 Saturated Reverb


34:00 FX 17 Havoc Chorus

36:53 FX 18 Servo Flanger


39:41 FX 19 Ripper


43:08 FX 20 Space Phaser

44:29 FX 21 Dual Pitch Shifter


48:38 FX 22+23 LP Freezer & HP Freezer


52:09 FX 24 Drone Bank

53:45 Glitchy Patch Sequencing"

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