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Saturday, December 08, 2018

New Percussa mSSP Demos - Oberheim / OB 4-Voice, Wavetable, & Granular Patch Demos

Published on Dec 8, 2018 PERCUSSA

via Kickstarter:

"The past days we worked on more patches and videos for the Percussa mSSP kickstarter. Here is the first one in the series we'll be posting: a subtractive synthesis patch featuring 32 modules running in parallel on the mSSP: each voice consists of 2 oscillators + SVF + 2 ENVs + MIDI. There is also an fx chain built into the patch and we apply external SVF cutoff and FM modulation in this video as well (using make noise function and intellijel dixie II modules)."

And some additional demos featuring an 8-voice wavetable and granular synth patches:


1. mssp proto demo 1
"8-voice wavetable synthesis patch, controlled via MIDI, with each voice consisting of a wavetable oscillator with 3D morphing, ADSR envelope, input modulation, MIDI module, and a bus module. The patch also has a delay and reverb module before going to the output module where the signals are routed to the output channels."
2. mssp proto demo 2
3. mssp proto demo 3
"granular patch with input (start/length) modulation, and a delay and reverb processor, right before the output module. Sample used for the granular demo is choir sings -Magnificat- 140928.wav by klankbeeld / capella ducis on"

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