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Friday, January 18, 2019

Panel replacement tutorial on the example of Furthrrrr Generator

Published on Jan 18, 2019 TheEndorphines

"In connection with the release of the newly replaced panels, we made a video for you to help you replace the panel yourself.

We hope you find this video useful.

Here we have a Furthrrrr generator with a classic gold panel which we will convert by replacing the black panel.

1. The first step is to take off the all the knobs from the pots.
You can use different tools like pliers or tweezers.
I am putting the tweezers between the plastic knob and the nut and press lightly to avoid scratches.
Sometimes the knobs are not so easy to remove so be patient and do it gently.
To unscrew two frequency knobs utilize flat screwdriver from the side.

2. When all the knobs are off, we continue by unscrewing the different types of nuts from the panel. We use different size nut- heads but you can also use pliers very gently.
Two biggest ones are M9 hexagon nuts on the frequency pots.
The nuts on other pots are M7 and M6 on the switches

3. For the round knurled nuts on the jacks, you can use the special screwdriver from Mouser but we also use a special head for the electric screwdriver.

4. Put all the knobs and nuts aside to do not lose them.

5 Push all the shafts into the panel to remove it from the PCB.

6 You can leave the initial red button or replace its cap to a different color.
Gently lift the cap from the button with the slimmest flat screwdriver.
Flip the module by facing the button on the floor and remove the button cap.
Once it's off, be careful do not lose a small spring inside the button.

7. Take the button you want to replace and remove the cap from its base same as we did before.

8. Take the cap and install it on the button base according to its flat cut on the side.

10. Take the panel and put it on the PCB.
Slightly wiggle it and touch every element to make it fit fully.
Some jacks and LEDs may resist letting all the holes match. Take any screwdriver and check all the jacks by moving them gently.
Pay attention to the LEDs, and do not let them bend under the panel,
Move the mood wave knob from the side.
When the panel is on, screw back all the nuts we have in the reverse order.

11. You can leave previous or replace the new knobs.
You can get additional d-shaft knobs from our accessories store.
Put two big frequency knobs and fix them with the screws on the side.
Congratulations you’ve done a nice job.

Music by:
"Scherzo No 1 Chopin'"
Standard License: Free Music Public Domain"

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