Monday, January 28, 2019

Roland SH-1000

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"The SH-1000 is an early monosynth from Roland with a surprising feature set for its class of instrument. There is a single oscillator with multiple simultaneous wave shapes and octaves run through a classic typical Roland sounding resonant filter. There is a single envelope and LFO.

The interesting part of this design is the bank of switches along the bottom. Along with preset sounds along the right, there are switches for routing the ADSR and LFO or bypassing the controls and using a preset shape. This allows for independent envelope shapes for the VCF and VCA even though there is only one ADSR. Delayed vibrato is also possible with the LFO switches.

This synth has a charming design that is capable of more than it initially looks like. It has that lovely warm and heavy sound typical of early analog synthesizers.

The condition of this unit is unfortunately not as great as the design. Some of the preset switches have been broken off(fortunately the deeper function switches are all still intact). The left wood side is missing and electronics are somewhat exposed. The panel has some rust and pitting on the surface and there is a good amount of cosmetic wear throughout.

Thankfully the synth actually functions fairly well. The only real issue with the sound is the oscillator calibration. It could definitely use tweaking as octave jumps are a bit out out of tune and some pitch drift occurs when playing. Finally, some of the key contacts are worn and require a bit of pressure to sound.

This synth could be a great project and if you don't mind the condition, a fun addition to your studio setup."

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