MATRIXSYNTH: Custom 88 Space Modular Synthesizer

Saturday, January 05, 2019 Custom 88 Space Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

"If you're here you know about how awesome these are! I picked out the modules and bought this synth new just over a year ago. The synth works beautifully, Its so fat!!! Sadly I need to sell it to pay for other things. This Synth and its components are in very good condition. Everything works. The total cost of all these items new from their website runs well over $16,000. I was going to list this synth at 12,000 and accept offers but I really just want to sell it. 11,000 is a fair price. That's 2/3rds the new cost of this monolith. If you're trying to get a lot of modules this is a great deal!! I assume if you're here you've already been considering buying a new one. I present a cost saving alternative.

8 Oscillators, 4 filters, 2 Sequencers, 2 keyboards, and all the goodies! Check out their website to find out more
8 Q106A Oscillators
3 Q107A State Variable Filter(single-wide)
3 Q108 Amplifiers
4 Q114 Mixer++
1 Q115 Reverb
1 Q116 Ring Modulator
1 Q117 Sample and Hold
1 Q118 Instrument Interface
1 Q119 Sequential Controller
4 Q124 Multiples
2 Q125 Signal processor
1 Q127 Fixed Filter Bank
1 Q130 Clipper/Rectifier
1 Q139 Patcher Jack Panel
1 Q140 Fixed Filter Bank Aid
1 Q142 Pedal Interface
1 Q143 Presets
2 Q148 VCA++
1 Q149 Signal Selector
1 Q150 Transistor Ladder Filter
1 Q157 SH++ Sample and Hold
2 Q167 LFO++
2 Q171 Quantizer Bank
1 Q172 Quantizer Aid
2 Q173 Gate Math
2 Q174 MIDI Interface
6 Q179 Envelope++(Single or Dual Envelopes, or 4 step sequencer. Super sick!)
1 Q960 Sequential Controller (Moog style)
1 Q961 Sequencer Interface
2 Q962 Sequential Switch
1 Q963 Trigger Bus
Other Stuff
1 KEY61D Dual Keyboard with box 4 sidecar
1 Q182W Modulation and Pitch bend Controller
1 22 Space cabinet (spring reverb mounted in this one)
1 44 Space cabinet (Main power supply mounted in this one)
1 Keyboard Garage/Synth stand
2 Box 11 cabinets
1 QPS1 Main Synth Power
1 QPS5 Power supply for box 11s
1 QPS4 Single power cable for keyboard
2 Midi Cables
Over 100 studio patch cables of different sizes
Cable holder stand for all the cables
Moog CV foot pedal
1 Screwdriver
Manuals for all modules"

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