MATRIXSYNTH: (Matrixbrute CV'd to DFAM): "The Infinity Paradox"

Saturday, February 16, 2019

(Matrixbrute CV'd to DFAM): "The Infinity Paradox"

Published on Feb 16, 2019 Kris Lennox

"Matrixbrute acting as controller for the DFAM.... but not only controller. I've taken the master line out from the MB and ran it into the Audio In on the DFAM, which gives a grand total of 7 (!) VCO's to play with (two on the DFAM, three on the MB, plus the two sub-oscs on the MB). What a sound. MB is controlling the pitch on the DFAM, and also gate-triggering each step, with the pitch determined by the chord I'm playing/where the chord degree lies on the arpeggio matrix. There is also some DFAM-DFAM patching.

At the start what you're hearing is just the MB. Great to hear it ran through the Moog filter. Sounds wonderful.

I was originally going to use a Y-splitter out from the DFAM, run one end to the desk, and run the other back into the MB via the external input. The result would have been the equivalent of two mirrors facing each other i.e an infinite loop. It would likely have triggered the apocalypse (or granted levitation ability, but I haven't read the manual in enough detail to be sure), so I kept it 7 VCO's only, rather than 7 multiplied by infinity.

One has to be careful.

PS the chord/harmonic progression is cyclic/infinite, hence the title. The title is also a reference to the apocalypse idea mentioned above.

All best

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