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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Arturia Minibrute 2S - One Box Techno Jam

Published on Mar 23, 2019 Oscillator Sink

"I was recording some tutorial videos for the Arturia Minibrute 2S today (and they're coming soon!), but while I was experimenting with ideas for a tutorial things got... a little out of hand!

This jam is one take, all sounds coming from the Minibrute 2S going through a Digitech Polara reverb. As you can see - the patching is fairly extensive and I'm making use of some of the extra modes on tracks 3 and 4 of the sequencer, but it turned out to be a great patch to make some live, improvised techno with!

Anyone who follows the channel knows that I'm a big fan of "one-box" challenges - well the Minibrute 2S passes with flying colours! I'll come back to trying to patch up something similar another time.

If you're interested in how the patch is set up - let me know in the comments and I'll see if I can squeeze a video in before I tear the patch down.

Transparency Notice: The MicroBrute 2S was kindly provided to me by Arturia."


Arturia Minibrute 2S - One Box Techno Jam - Patch Walk-Through

Published on Mar 27, 2019 Oscillator Sink

"A few days ago I posted a one-box jam on the Arturia Minibrute 2S which combined, drums, bass and drones in one patch. I asked if people wanted a walk-through of the patch - they did, so here we are!

In this video we look at making the drum sounds, how we can route them so that we're not beholden to the main amp for envelopes and take a look at two of the alternative uses for sequencer tracks 3 and 4."

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