MATRIXSYNTH: Furthrrrr Generator // Pushing Eurorack complex oscillators furthrrrr

Thursday, March 28, 2019 Furthrrrr Generator // Pushing Eurorack complex oscillators furthrrrr

Published on Mar 28, 2019 DivKidVideo

"**TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW** Playing around with the Furthrrrr Generator from has been a total pleasure preparing for and working on this video. The range of tones that ooze out of this thing doesn't cease to amaze me. The module is a dual/complex oscillator design with a lot of wave shaping, history/heritage from the Buchla 259 and a few unique twists. The updated (you can swap them out) digital "Strong Linear Core" giving through zero FM really adds a tonne of musical useful FM to the oscillator too. In the video I turn the thing into a drum machine, explore shifting tones and drones, melodies, bass and a whole load more. Check the index below and skip around as you see fit. Enjoy!


00:00 hello and patch previews

01:38 Feature & sound run down

09:00 Waveshaping, folding, harmonics, furthrrrr …

10:39 Ring Modulation vs Amplitude Modulation - NO THEY’RE NOT EXACTLY THE SAME! :)

12:46 FM Graveyard doom bell gong sound

13:39 Pushing FM gongs further

13:55 Turning the Furthrrrr Generator into a drum machine

16:37 Dual voice Patch & Tweak example

19:47 Drones N Stuff - internal and external modulation

22:09 Plucked melodies + tonal exploration

23:53 Pulses, squares and PWM - audio rate PWM is lovely!!!

26:09 Creating tremolo FX

27:38 Creative vibrato FX

29:02 Dual VCO subtractive patch

30:52 AM Synthesis and going furthrrrr

32:23 AM synthesis secondary patch & sequence

34:18 Soft and hard sync sounds

26:06 External input - ring mod + through zero FM BLCK_NOIR vs. Furthrrrr Generator

37:53 Layering sounds for musical chordal drones

40:41 Musical random patch"

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