MATRIXSYNTH: 9 Live Eurorack Jams - 1 patch, 1 VCO, 3 Filters, 1 WaveFolder, Drums and a touch of Juno 60

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

9 Live Eurorack Jams - 1 patch, 1 VCO, 3 Filters, 1 WaveFolder, Drums and a touch of Juno 60

Published on Apr 30, 2019 While We Were Sleeping

0. 00:00 Intro
1. 01:00 Its Friday again - 113bpm 8:30s
2. 09:20 To much delay - 98bpm 5:50s
3. 15:04 Juno Arp - 124bpm 5:30s
4. 20:36 Juno Lucina - 100bpm 8:30s
5. 28:14 Groovy Saturday - 113bpm 7:30s
6. 34:57 Up - 103bpm 4:30s
7. 36:41 Minimal - 124bpm 2:30s
8. 39:09 Psychedelic - 104bpm 1:25s
9. 40:30 Ambient - 60bpm 3:05s

🎧 or 🔊 🔊 for Bass and stereo image

9 Live Jams
Recorded around February/March.
During this period I have not Re-patched my Eurorack and mainly used the same patterns on my Malekko Voltage Block and Varigate 8+.
I have not had any style in mind wen playing, just went with the flow. Styles range from Techno & acid to Psychedelic and Ambient.
Would love to know, if any are to your liking?

The hart of the patch
The synth lead/bass part of the patch is using a single oscillator (Thomas Henry 555) that is processed by 3 filters and one triple wave folder. It then ends up in two VCAs + envelopes (Hexinverter Galilean Moons) . So the 555 ends with in to voices. the mail voice gets wave folding + 2 filters, last in the chain is the VCF 303 by DinSync, it is the TB-303 filter in eurorack form and I was surprised how it can produce deep rounded bass, given a complex waveform. The second voice has a single filter the Serge 1973 vcf (PCB and panel by my good fiend mCop) and I just love the band-pass on it.
The Voltage block has each of its steps tuned with pitch and varies other filter and wave folding parameters. The Varigate 8+ is used for sequencing the steps of the Voltage block and trigger the drums.

All recorded live using Zoom H4n & iPhone.
Some recorded live on Instagram and Facebook and a few audio only.
BPM: I use the small knob on the Varigate 8+ to set the tempo, with no bpm display, so I just went with what I felt like. Only while editing the video I worked out the BPMs, so may have made mistakes.
Track 1: has some extra low end percussions added using Ableton. You can hear the two are not perfectly synced but it created a funky groove so I went with it. Let me know if you think it worked?
Track 3: Juno 60 running an un-synced arpeggiator.
Special effects: Hyperspective iPhone app
Video editing: iMovie :(
Extra video used from and Free Stock video by Videezy! href="

Sequenced using
Malekko voltage block controlling:
* Pitch CV
* Filteres / Wave folder
* 2x Envelop decay

Malekko Varigate 8+ controlling:
* Malekko voltage block step (CLK/CV in)
* Drum triggers

Eurorack Synth voice (Audio signal is fully analog):
* 1 VCO (Fonitronik thomas henry 555) ending in two VCAs.
The first:
* 555 - Triple WaveFolder - ‘Humpback’ Filter - DinSync VCF303 - Left moon (VCA+Env)
The second:
* 555 - 1973 vcf - Right Moon (VCA+Env)

Roland Juno 60

* Hexinverter Mutant Drums,
* Audiodamage Mad Hatter
* bastl skis
* Noise Engineering
* Basimilus Iteritas Alter
* Music Thing Modular
* Radio Music

Eurorack DIY
* Fonitronik thomas henry 555 vco
* Toppobrillo Triple WaveFolder
* God’s Box ‘Humpback’ Filter
* DinSync VCF303
* Serge 1973 vcf, pcb & pannel by mCop
* Hexinverter Galilean Moons
* Music Thing Modular – Radio Music
* mCop eurorack mixer
* Hexinverter mutant bassdrum

Eurorack Other
* Malekko Heavy Industry Voltage Block
* Malekko Heavy Industry varigate 8+
* Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter
* Audio Damage ADM07 Mad Hatter

DIY Effect pedals
* mCop - Acid fuzz prototype

Effect pedals Other
* Digitech Time Bender
* Earthquaker Devices dispatch master

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