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Monday, April 22, 2019

Casio VZ-10M Interactive Phase Distortion FM synth ( rack version of VZ-1 )

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You can find a video demo of the VZ-10m posted here.

"This VZ-10M is identical to the VZ-1 keyboard in functionality in a smaller, rack mountable package. Working great and sounds awesome. A unique feature on this is that in addition to the unbalanced outputs, it also features a TRS and XLR jack for a stereo mix output.

Very Rare! Casio RA-500 RAM CARD for Casio VZ-1, VZ-10M, 8M, PG-380 is included. Each RAM card holds up to 64 VZ-10M patches and 64 VZ-10M operation memories.

If you love weird, twangy, space-age digital sounds that sound like you're trapped in a game of Tron but weirder... this is the synth for you!

The name " Interactive Phase distortion synthesis " says it all. Casio's take on the Yamaha DX FM synthesizer structure is a very interesting one. And as you might hope, it's shockingly easy to program! It pumps out the wildest, most 80's digital sounds you've ever heard!

Polyphony - 16 voices
Multitimbral - 8 parts duo-phonic
Oscillators - 8 iPD Modules across 4 Pairs
Waveforms - 1 sine, 5 saw, 1 noise, 1 noise + sine
LFO - 2 LFO generators for Tremelo and Pitch
Envelope - 9x 8-stage envelopes (8 amp, 1 global pitch)
Control - MIDI In, Out and Thru

Amazing Synthesis Versatility Thanks to Casio's All-new iPD Sound Source

Casio's all-new "Interactive Phase Distortion" (iPD) sound source system actually consists of 8 independent "modules" (M1 to M8). Each of these modules contains a DCO and a DCA, and is capable of generating independent waveforms. In the iPD system, the wave generated by any module can be used in either of two ways; to produce audible sounds or to modify waves generated by other modules.

The 8 iPD sound source modules work in associated pairs that are called "Internal Lines,", or simply "lines". There are 4 internal lines - A, B, C and D

The waveforms generated by both modules in any line can be used together in three different ways. They can be mixed, or one of the waveforms can be used to modulate the other for RING modulation or as the PHASE of a succeeding line.

Instant Recall of up to 256 Sounds and 256 Operation Memories

64 presets give you a wide range of vocal versatility. And with the use of a standard ROM card, the VZ-10M gives you incredible tonal expansion potential - up to 128 patches and 128 keyboard setups are literally at your fingertips. What's more, you can store up to 64 sounds and 64 operation memories on an optional RAM card, for even greater freedom of timbral expression.

"Player-friendly" Menus and Functions

Virtually all of the VZ-10M's editing and programming operations are organized into three basic sub-modes - Menu 1, Menu 2 and Menu 3 that feature a variety of "functions." Each of these functions is further broken down into "parameters," which are constants that have changeable values or settings. To alter VZ-10M sounds or programming, you simply alter the value of these parameters using a value slider or value keys.

Wide Backlit LCD Graphic Display

The VZ-10M's wide graphic LCD features a hierarchical, "player friendly" menu structure, which allows speedy and accurate operations. Sound source configuration, patch editing, multi-patch setup creation, output channel and MIDI specifications - in fact, virtually all VZ-10M operations are controlled by interacting with various functions that are found in the three VZ-10M menus. And a number of VZ-10M functions feature "graphic editing" capabilities.

Combination Mode Provides Layered and Split Voicing

The VZ-10M's "Combination" mode lets you mix together up to 4 different patches in any of 8 different patch mix or patch split configurations. You can set effect and amp levels independently for each patch, and output them together through the MIX OUT channel. Or output the 4 patches through the VZ-10M's L/R LINE OUT channels.

Multi-Channel MIDI Performance

The VZ-10M features Casio's exclusive multi-channel mode which can accept up to 8 timbres from separate MIDI sound sources. These can then be divided into constituent polyphonics and ensembled in any format you desire. Multi-timbral MIDI expansion, monophonic MIDI performance, or total 16-note MIDI polyphony can be selected.

Velocity Split & Positional Cross Fade

The VZ-10M puts powerful multi-voice performance in your hands, with advanced features such as velocity split and positional cross fade. Set up multi-layered voices with up to 3 split points, and "fade" the voices into one another so there's no audible "split point" with the cross fade function, or control multiple voices through keyboard velocity using velocity split.

Optional RAM Card (RA-500)

Choose an optional RA-500 RAM card for expanded sound storage and recall capabilities. Each RAM card holds up to 64 VZ-10M patches and 64 VZ-10M operation memories."

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