Thursday, April 11, 2019

EMU Emulator II

via this auction

"The Emulator II is essentially an analog synth that uses sampled waveforms instead of 'oscillators' everything after the sample is similar to an analog synth.. you get resonant SSM filters per voice with lfo, env's and analog VCAs. the end result is that you can take any short sample and craft it into a gorgeous pad or whatever you like, with the ability to tweak parameters with the faders pretty much like on a normal synth.

You can also just use it like a regular sampler and take advantage of the great stock library. Forget about numbers, sample rates, bits and whatever; the magic here is that anything you sample into it will sound better and more musically useful than what you started with, it does for instrument type sounds what an SP1200 does for drums.

Comes with a OLED equipped gotek with an encoder for finding sounds.. (which is much easier than using Hxc's buttons.) and tons of sounds including the stock library of course.. northstar sounds, and more disk images than you can probably ever get through. You can still use floppies too if you are into that kinda thing.

These are big and very heavy machines.. build to an incredibly high standard inside..but there is one problem with shipping them.. the outer case flexes a bit and can easily damage the keys.. my top and bottom keys snapped when it arrived to me originally. I repaired the bottom, but the top is essentially just a cosmetic key since replacements are nearly impossible to find. I never really play in the top octave but its worth mentioning. For this reason I would likely remove the top and bottom keys before shipping and would recommend anyone shipping or receiving one to do the same."

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