MATRIXSYNTH: Klangbau Köln Eurorack: Analog FM, Filter Pings & Wavetable Synth Sounds #TTNM

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Klangbau Köln Eurorack: Analog FM, Filter Pings & Wavetable Synth Sounds #TTNM

Published on Apr 21, 2019 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

"In this video I demonstrate a patch combining analog FM, filter pings and digital wavetable oscillator sounds.


Klangbau Köln Website:

Patch Notes:
The patch is a combination of four sounds, mixed together and sent through a VCA and audio effects.

1. XR-VCO (big version) sine wave output with added linear frequency modulation from the Variable qVCF's LP output in self-oscillation
2. Variable qVCF BP output in self-oscillation
3. Twin Peak Filter Pings modulated by the Wavetable VCDO audio output
4. Wavetable VCDO audio

All sounds are mixed with a Doepfer A-138 exp. audio mixer and sent into the Klangbau Waveshaper module, although only to use its clean (non-waveshaping) VCA, modulated by the Klangbau ADSR envelope.

The ADSR is trigger by the Pulse 2 output of Klangbau's Rob Hordijk Benjolin, which is sometimes FM'ed by its own chaotic Rungler CV.

The Pulse 2 output also triggers the digital version of the Klangbau Logistic Equation (Logistische Gleichung), which generates chaotic pitch CV for the XR-VCO, qCF and Wavetable VCDO and also pings the Twin Peak Filter's audio input. The CV is also used to modulate the Wavetable DCO's waveform choice.

After the VCA, the audio runs through the Synthrotek EKO Delay, which is modulated by the Benjolin's Rungler, and then through the Klangbau Köln Spring Reverb."

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