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Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Non News? Yamaha Considering a New CS80?

This one has been making the rounds. Yamaha R&D Planning Manager Ben Israel posted the following on a forum:

Hello from Yamaha,

Thanks for your Ideas and conversations. Apologies we haven’t joined in. We would like to understand your analog synthesizer requests a bit more clearly. Please note we move in a very deliberate manner; this is just an initial focusing of the Ideas offered so far and not a commitment to build a product.

Here is our first question:

If we made a CS-80, do you want a vintage reissue or a modern evolution?

Thanks again for your participation. We look forward to the conversation.

Some quick notes:

1. You can't see the forum unless you sign up. This just smells of forum bait to me so I won't link to it.
2. I would say the majority of people would want an analog remake at the right price. If Behringer can do it...
3. We also have Deckard's Dream so if Black Corporation can make one, why not Yamaha with their resources?
4. Yamaha released the digital 8 voice Reface CS already, so they should be able to add what's missing and repackage it in a larger format.
5. I'm not 100% sure on this, but I believe the models are in the MODX and Montage, so the sound, digitally, is already there. I actually own a CS60 and and AN1X. The AN1X can go there just fine. So... yeah, why not.

The key will be sound and price for many. People would clearly prefer analog if Yamaha can do it right. If not, some will bark at a digital recreation, but if it has all the controls, sounds good and is priced right people will buy it. So yeah, something tells me this was more about trying to garner more users on that forum...

Update: P.S. The "Non News?" is partially in jest, hence the question mark. If Yamaha is indeed serious about making a new CS80 analog or digital, this is great news. One thing I have learned over the years is staying focused on keeping it direct and simple will be key. With the CS80 there however is an added layer with the interface. It brings out an expressive capability missing in most straight forward synths. Even my CS60 feel more like a natural or real instrument compared to my other synths. The only way I can describe it is, you know how soft synths or synths on an iPad feel compared to dedicated hardware synths? Well that's kind of how other synths feel compare to my CS60. The CS60 breathes and the controls feel more part of the instrument than just a control panel giving you access to the engines. They are more like the strings on a violin. And no, I don't know why the CS60 gives me that impression while synths like my Andromeda A6, and Waldorf XTk, for example, do not. The CS60 feels more like a violin while the A6 and XTk feel more like a piano with a synth engine. So... If Yamaha is serious about coming out with a new CS80, that is what they will need to nail in my opinion.

1 comment:

  1. Totally agree that just having the ananlogue engine, a la Deckard's Dream is not worth it. They have to get the keys, and controls and whole thing 'right'. And that is what Yamaha are good at. Still.
    Analogue Vs Digital is tough. I'd be really chuffed with a full controller interface for the Arturia CS80V (I know, I could make one, but who has the time?)

    Consider this dilema:
    You can either have an actual analogue CS-80, with MIDI and full patch memory and a few more modern tweaks and additions OR you can have the GX-1, but digital, and not weighing a ton.
    Personally, I'd be pretty happy with a kind of Yamaha 'System 8' that had the GX-1s cabilities (multiple keyboards aside) and high quality inteface with options to play it as a CS-80/60/50. And why not throw in the SS-30 strings whilst you're there?
    On the other hand, you've still got to say that the real deal analogue has a lot to be said for it.



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