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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

ContinuuCon 2019 Presentations

Published on Jun 11, 2019 ContinuuCon


1. Lippold Haken - Hardware Evolution Of The Continuum Fingerboard :: ContinuuCon 2019
62 years before I started working on the Continuum Fingerboard, Leon Theremin built his instrument with pitch and dynamics determined by the performer in an electromagnetic control loop. This is the 37th year that I have been working to create the best electromagnetic instrument I can, with the performer in a timbre control loop that is fast, sensitive, and organic. This is the 18th year without sales price increases for the Half-size and Full-size Continuum Fingerboards. In this presentation I will show recent and ongoing improvements to the mechanical, electrical, and magnetic design of the Continuum Fingerboard. In addition, I will discuss my efforts to avoid sales price increases in the face of increasing component costs. Finally, I will take apart a ContinuuMini, and show how its hardware design retains important core aspects of its big brothers, but at a much lower price point. - Learn more at
2. Ed Eagan - Sound Design, Creating a Bullroarer :: ContinuuCon 2019 Haken Continuum Conference
2019 brought ContinuuCon back to Asheville, again hosted by the University of North Carolina Asheville Department of Music.

Performers, sound designers, composers and electronic music enthusiasts who attended ContinuuCon explored this uniquely expressive instrument through music, workshops, lectures and more. Dr. Lippold Haken, inventor of the Continuum and ContinuuMini, and Edmund Eagan, developer of the Continuum’s synthesis engine EaganMatrix, along with many other technologists and performers, openly shared their knowledge, history and musical talents at this event.
3. John Worthington - Expressive Electronic Percussion :: ContinuuCon 2019 Haken Continuum Conference
Acoustic percussion instruments are inherently expressive. Electronic percussion instruments? Not so much. Adding the subtlety of acoustic percussion into electronic performances requires understanding how the percussionist’s gestures translate into sonic changes. The talk examines the types of expression achieved from acoustic percussion instruments in terms a synthesist can appreciate and use in sound design.
5. Roger Linn - Importance Of Expressive Touch Control :: ContinuuCon 2019 Haken Continuum Conference
Music made with the on/off switches of MIDI keyboards and drum pads has tended to be used for background music— background for singers, dance or picture. Expressive touch control is enabling a new generation of solo instrumentalists that are bringing solo musical performance back into the focus of attention.
6. Roger Linn - The Future Of Synthesis Under Expressive Control :: ContinuuCon
7. Christophe Duquesne - Kinetic Physical Modeling :: ContinuuCon 2019 Haken Continuum Conference
Explanation and demonstration of a new space-based physical-modeling module for the Eagan Matrix.
7. Ed Eagan - Sound Design For ContinuuMini :: ContinuuCon 2019 Haken Continuum Conference
8. Geert Bevin - History Of Expressive Alternate Controllers :: ContinuuCon Haken Continuum Conference
9. Randy George - Theremin & Continuum Past & Present pt 1 :: ContinuuCon Haken Continuum Conference
10. Randy George - Theremin & Continuum Past & Present pt 2 :: ContinuuCon Haken Continuum Conference
11. Randy George, Keith Handy, Jesse Chappell - Custom Interfaces pt.1 :: ContinuuCon 2019
Three Continuum enthusiasts—each of whom has been emboldened by Ed and Lippold’s work to dive into the world of interface invention—will present alternate tools they have devised for interacting with the EaganMatrix.

Jesse Chappell will demonstrate his percussive interface called the TumDrum, originating as an idea from his daughter, and evolving into a much more complex project.

Randy George will show how his MIDI Merlin software can seamlessly bridge the gap between any monophonic audio source and the EaganMatrix’s rich timbral palette.

Keith Handy will demonstrate a discrete-note pressure board he is working on, and talk about the real-life experience of learning to invent.

2019 brought ContinuuCon back to Asheville, again hosted by the University of North Carolina Asheville Department of Music.
12. Randy George, Keith Handy, Jesse Chappell - Custom Interfaces For The Eaganmatrix pt 2
13. Ed Eagan, Sally Sparks, Rob Schwimmer - Performance Techniques :: ContinuuCon - Haken Continuum

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