MATRIXSYNTH: Planar 2 Gets Generative With Planar 2, Scales and Steppy

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Planar 2 Gets Generative With Planar 2, Scales and Steppy

Published on Jun 5, 2019 Intellijel

"Here's a fairly simple generative patch. This one uses the Shapeshifter PULSE output to clock Steppy and drive the whole thing. Steppy is sending gates to trigger the Rubicon and Plonk Voices, but also clocking Rainmaker and triggering quantization of Scales.

The melodies are being generated by Quadra's function generators 3 and 4 sent to Scales in Dual quantizer mode. Planar is controlling the rate and range of these melodies. Shapeshifter's RATIO is set by the X-axis to determine the rate of the pulses clocking the system. Planar's Y-axis is controlling the CV Level of two channels of Quad VCA to scale the Quadra envelopes before they go to Scales for quantization. This means that fast trills can be produced by moving the joystick towards the top right, and melodies slow and become more simple as it travels to the bottom left.

Selecting different PULSE output options on Shapeshifter, or changing the patterns on Steppy can change the rhythm of the patch. This patch is a great starting point to make a more complex generative patch since the voices have no filtering or modulation at this point and Planar has many more functions that can be implemented.

#intellijel #eurorack #modular #synthesizer"

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