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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Modal 002 vs John Bowen Solaris - quick example

Published on Jul 20, 2019 synthlegends

"Only a quick example of one string patch in reminiscence of the Oberheim OBXa with the Obie 12 dP LP Filter in Solaris and 12 dB LP Moog Ladder Filter in the 002.

Both patches use 2 oscillators slightly detuned with a simple saw wave.

On both I used minimal LFO for slightly modulation, but the 002 modulates itself because of the phase shifting of the detuned oscilators. Maybe it is also because of the NCO in the 002, which are a bit out of tune instead of the digital Oscillators in the Solaris.

In both patches I did some portamento/glide.

Both patches are dry with no internal or external effects. Other than in the video described, the Modal 002 has no 12 dB Filter, only a 6 dB Filter with Slope 12 dB BP to 24 LP. Sorry for the wrong description. Please Note: this small comparison is not representative to make a full opinion about both Synths. The differences are very huge. Some people are of the opinion that the 002 sounds more analogue. I agree with that because it has also an analog filter whereas the Solaris uses digital emulated filter. The Solaris sounds very Hifi, the 002 is unique thanks to NCO, DeRez (sort of PPG like resonance), the very warm slope filter and the Drive-Pot.

The Solaris is a modulation beast and maybe you can match the 002 patch in this video with some more tweaking better.

I did this video because there are some discussions about the sound comparison of these two high end synthesizers.

Thanks for watching!"

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