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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Synthesizer Noise Machine

Published on Jul 16, 2019 lehha zzz

Like weird dream synths. The top one is a custom Novation Bass Station II in custom black with yellow reverse keys. The bottom is a Roland SH-201 in black with orange reverse keys.

Speaking of synth dreams, I had one last night. I as walking down some neighborhood with chain link fenced yards and I saw what looked like a Pro-One mixed with a SynKey. It had a small three or four inch oscilloscope display on the top left where the "Programming" section on the SynKey would be. It was the size of a Pro-One with a titled panel and covered in knobs. It was so cool. A lady with paper grocery bags opened the gate to go in and I asked about it and if it was for sale. She said maybe and that if I liked synths she had a bunch of Keyboard Magazines for sale at the pawn shop down the street. I was then in the house with either her husband, friend or relative showing me the oscilloscope while I waited on a price. He said the price would likely be too high, but I told him I was curious none-the-less. He talked to the lady a bit and came back with $132! I then woke up, minus the synth of course. Sucks how that works. :)

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  1. dreams are like soap on a tv set // your consiousness is presenting you possibilities that you tune in & you can choose to make these happen aka become a reality (in your day2day life)



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