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Monday, July 01, 2019

You can build this 808 kick drum clone!

Premiered 5 hours ago juanito moore

"Download and print the circuit paper, get the electronic parts, plug in your soldering iron, and build this with me!

This 808 kick drum circuit is functionally identical to the original TR-808 kick with some cool mods. There's a pitch mod for higher and lower kicks. There's a decay mod that will let you get more-than-infinite decay times (it'll just oscillate forever). There's a wave clipper that'll add harmonics to the kick to make it "cut through" the rest of the sounds, which can be useful if you're using small speakers that can't do real bass. Finally, there's lots more *amplitude*.

I have simplified the circuit in a few ways, making it easier to build. You can build a perfect replica with everything exactly as it was from the factory, including obsolete transistors and 5%-precision carbon resistors if that's your thing, but I don't cover that here.

Here's the bill of materials --
Here's the "circuit page" --
Here's the schematic --

TL074 chip --
Resistor kit!!! --
Resistors by the value (like for the 8.2K and 2.7K weirdos) --
Ceramic disk capacitors for all your chips!!! --
Nice assortment of film capacitors --
Potentiometers --"

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