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Published on Aug 25, 2019 LESINDES

"There is a little story about the production of this video and why it is called VINTAGE CHAIN or JOURNEY INTO THE PAST. Someone asked me which (modular) oscillator I could recommend him. The reason for that was that a friend had send him some Schulze-like, Berlin School demos. Not his style but still he was so much impressed by how convincing simple practically invarient arpeggios and short sequencer lines could be if they just had this vintage sound vibe to them. That made him doubt his modular setup. I dropped a few names then. But asked him also to send me the tracks causing his doubts. Hearing them I immediately knew what he meant the special vibe was and I also had an idea what the essence of this VINTAGE SOUND could be.

The result is this video. I took DREADBOX EREBUS II as a very sweet sounding modern fully analog synth. But that's not enough it's only half way to the past. The other half is the ANALOG CHAIN after the synth. Erebus has a built in echo which is nice and handy but it's digital, it is also a bit dirty which makes really enjoyable but still, this is not the color we were looking for (you can hear the difference in the video), alright, so I took an ARIA AD-05 which is just average of that era but it's vintage and as sooon it is in the chain our sound was gaining more and more ground! All vintage recordings were made through a mixing desk, so as the last part in the signal path I inserted a NEVE 1073 clone which is doing faily well. First of all for its transformer balanced I/Os responsible for the candy in the sound and used a little bit of its famous EQ but just a little bit.

I stopped here and the audio was directly handed to the RME UFX. And I think it is sounding already quite convincing and pleasant

In order to complete this vintage process a tape multitrack machine and a tape master recorder should be used. Also a compressor could be hooked up.

The musical wiring is very simple. ARTURIA KEYSTEP is playing the arpeggios and triggering the EREBUS II via Midi."

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