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Thursday, August 08, 2019

LambdaSpeak 3 - Amstrad / Schneider CPC MIDI IN Synthesizer Demo

Published on Aug 7, 2019 Michael Wessel

Demo comes in at 1:18. This is a follow-up to the LambdaSpeak & LambdaDrum for the Amstrad CPC post here.

"Good news - the LambdaSpeak 3 Serial Interface is now versatile and fast enough to support MIDI IN in real time!

The Akai Miniak synthesizer shown in this video is only used as a MIDI controller, and it is the CPC that is actually producing the sound that you hear, NOT the Miniak.

Hence, LambdaSpeak's MIDI IN DIN socket receives MIDI NOTE ON / NOTE OFF messages from the Miniak, and the CPC is running a simple 'CPC MIDI Synthesizer' machine code program that interprets the MIDI messages and turns them into sound, via the internal CPC GI AY-3-8910 soundchip.

Besides this, MIDI OUT also already works with LambdaSpeak 3, and it can even be programmed from BASIC. Regarding MIDI IN, the CPC is fast enough to do the MIDI real time processing as demonstrated in this video with no latency, provided a machine code program is used.

This 'CPC MIDI Synthesizer' machine code program will be extended soon to also process note velocity, pitch bend MIDI controller, as well as 3 channel polyphony and program change messages for changing the sound.

Stay tuned for updates!

I will put the 'CPC MIDI Synthesizer' program on the LambdaSpeak LS300.DSK on the Github page for reference. Please note that you will require the latest LambdaSpeak 3 firmware to run it."

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