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Monday, August 26, 2019

Meng Qi Wing Pinger Nü

Published on Aug 26, 2019 Meng Qi

via Meng Qi Music

"This is a special model - Wing Pinger Nü.

“Nü” is the pronunciation of “Female” in Chinese. I believe arts come from female nature, from subconscious, perception, emotions, freedom and chaos.
Technically :
The internal dual chromatic touch keyboards have 2 modes :

1) PINGING - keyboard pings filters;
2) PINGED - arpeggiation with filter pings as clock, with optional latch.


4 / 3
2 / 1

I am already working on prototype 6. A foreseeable update :

Because now you can play 2 voices chromatically via internal touch keyboard or external 1V/Oct control voltage, it’s important to be able to tune both filters easy and quick, while maintaining a satisfyingly wide pitch range, for chaotic and noisy playing styles.

My solution would be having a single pitch control for both filters, and a DIFFERENCE control that brings the pitches apart - with it set to fully CCW, both filters have the same pitch.

Some minor updates are :

1) Banana version has a new assembling structure, using Johnson Cinch jacks, and is as slim as the minijack version;
2) Cutoff inputs are tuned to 1V/Oct now;
3) Knob marking shows the active wiper range, as well as the spot for pentatonic STEP modulation.

My current plan is still offering the standard version without the keyboard. With Nü as a special model.

Finally, I’ve received so many email and messages asking about Wing Pinger. And I am sorry that I couldn’t reply all of them quickly. It’s my decision to stay as an tiny, independent and single person business, maintaining the freedom to realize my idea without compromise.

Designing instrument is a way for me to express, way more than offering a solution to an aimed market. After all, it’s me behind everything I do.

Chinese Calligraphy by Jia Chuan.

Thank you for your passion and love."

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