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Friday, August 23, 2019

Simmons SDS-1 EPROM Digital/Analog Drum Synth & Huge EPROM Library (60 EPROMs) SN 005758

via this auction

According to the listing, this is the one featured in these videos.

"Includes 60 SDS Drum EPROMs, for use with Simmons SDS-1, SDS-7, SDS-9 drum synths.

Up for auction is a white vintage Simmons SDS-1 EPROM-based electronic drum pad in working condition, including 60 different Simmons EPROMs which are also compatible with Simmons SDS-7, and SDS-9 drum synths.

The EPROMs included with this auction are reproductions of original Simmons EPROM chips, almost all of the chips are original Simmons sounds, and is rare to see such an expansive library of Simmons EPROM chips being offered on eBay. I have posted recordings of all of the chips in this auction being performed by the SDS-1 in the link below.

The Simmons SDS-1 is a single voice drum synth that uses 8k or 16k EPROMs to play back 8-bit drum sounds and effects. The drum synth can be triggered by hitting the drum pad or via an external trigger input. There is a modulation section on the drum synth that allows you to set the pitch and pitch bend direction, then a separate runtime generator allows you to dial in a random pitch generator that can range from subtle to extreme. Please check out my link below to some MP3s I made with the SDS1 drum synth as well as YouTube videos (the SDS-1 in the YouTube video is the same one being auctioned here).

The Simmons SDS EPROM drum pad is confirmed 100% working, ZIF, LED, external trigger, output, and knobs are all functioning properly. All 60 drum sound EPROMs included with this auction have been tested/verified and are also confirmed working. Battery functionality has not been tested, as the battery cover is missing and is often missing on these vintage drum synths.

PLEASE READ: The SDS-1 is in good shape for its age, the pad has minimal wear, there are some scratches on the Simmons SDS-1 shell and a visible crack on one of the case edges (does not affect operation), please see pictures posted with this auction for more detail. The rotary pots are in good shape but could use some cleaning to improve response/scratchiness. A 6v power adapter is also included with this auction.

This auction includes a Simmons SDS-1 drum synth, 60 EPROMs in 6 protective EPROM cases with non-conductive foam, and a new 6v power adapter. The Simmons SDS-1 User Manual can be downloaded from the link below.

The 60 Simmons SDS EPROMs included in this auction:

Acoustic Tom
Gated Tom
Electronic Tom
Tomm Tom
Roto Tom
Ringing Tom
Townhouse Tom
Bright Tom
Deep Acoustic Tom
Linn 9000 Kick
Big Foot Bass Drum
Power Bass Drum
Gin Shot
Locomotive Bass Drum
Big Boomy Bass Drum
Percuter Rock Bass
Orchestra (Hit)
Power Snare
Fat Snare
Reverb Snare
Tight Rock Snare
Wood Snare
Soul Snare
Room Sized Snare
Gated Snare
HR-16 Snare
Rock Snare
Clap Trap Claps
Percuter Rock Tom
Percuter Hand Clap
Hard Clap
Hand Clap
TR-909 Hand Clap
SDS-9 RIM A Cross Stick
SDS-9 RIM B Rimshot
SDS-9 Snare
Snare Crash
Field Snare
Metal Edge Snare
Percuter Rock Snare
Tight Snare
Ambient Rim
Studio Snare
Gunshot Snare
Linn 9000 Snare
Flange Snare
China Cymbal
Breaking Glass
Record Scratch
Ride Cymbal
Hi Hat Cymbal
Horn Burst
Medium Crash
Tubular Bell

I have posted my recordings of the EPROMs here:

You can view and download the Simmons SDS1 Operation Manual from my box account here:

You can see a YouTube video on my YouTube channel of the SDS-1 being sold in this auction (video created to show that knobs/controls are working properly). Audio output was recorded direcly from the SDS-1 with no processing (nice clean output)" [above]

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