MATRIXSYNTH: X1L3 - UNDERWURLDE - glitch and delay demo run

Friday, August 16, 2019

X1L3 - UNDERWURLDE - glitch and delay demo run

Published on Aug 16, 2019 X1L3

"A very 90s era NIN-alike session to serve as a demo. Fitting considering the 90s 'shadow artefact' tech the module is based on :)

The underwurlde is processing a CB55 from (link at the bottom) which has been turned into a module in my rig.

What you're hearing for most of the video is the CB55 routed clean to one channel and the realtime processed sound of the wurlde routed to a second channel.

To correct an error in the video text. The third delay section is a grab with a sequenced pitch rise, not a drop. This is how the stepped drop is formed in the loop.

I wanted something familiar and simple to process to illustrate how the underwurlde can transform that basic sound into the sorts of chaotic but refined esoterics thrown out by well modified circuit bent instruments.

Most of the demo is an escallation of the Processing of the CB55. At about 5.15 the underwurlde switches over to serving as a delay.

As a delay it can pull some impressive delay times. It can also act much like an abused pt2399 delay will but with MUCH more finesse. The limit at which the noise bleed and disintigration of the delay loop is much longer, it's capable of sustaining a loop feedback without it disintigrating into noise and if the loop is ramlocked it essentially becomes an infinite delay.

Ramglitching is a spin off of the circuit bending that i've indulged in for many years now. What you have here is something akin to a bent Casio SK1 sampler. You can grab adio, lock it in ram and then abuse it with the glitch array. This is none destructive, if you release all glitch lines then the audio in ram remains intact and as it was when sampled. The main module has three glitch gates and a header at the back that allows you to configure these three gates to the eight data lines according to taste. A 4hp strip will follow some time soon which will allow all eight data lines to be merged for enhanced chaos.

The final section of the run is a sample of me going 'ahhhhhh' into a mic, which is then looped, pitch sequenced and with some restraint, glitched to a rise where the last 'chorus' section kicks in."

"UNDERWURLDE - esoteric delay/looper/glitch+texture generator - eurorack module £220.00"

First featured here.

Release date: 24-08-19

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