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Friday, September 27, 2019

Casio Circuit Bent SK-1 The Glitch Monster

via this auction

"Presented here is the Tablebeast Modified Casio SK-1, model TB-SK01 mk II. Please be sure to note these keyboards are modified by hand one at a time and are MADE TO ORDER by the now defunct and infamous Tablebeast of NIN fame. O

From an old Tablebeast posting:

Of course this new mkII model still has my original bending innovation, the 16 point RCA mod patchbay, but now it also has newly researched and revised mod points. In addition to that, other new mods include a filter switch that that bypasses the Casio filters and lets through a lot more high and low frequency content. This really opens up the sound, especially under mod and works great especially if you want to filter it on your own. I have also added a soft reset switch which is great for resetting the SK-1 quickly without having to turn it off completely and losing the sample in memory. There is also an advanced pitch control circuit with a built-in bypass switch and body contact for manual pitch adjustment. I have upgraded pretty much every part and aspect of my previous mk I mod plus I have done what no other SK-1 benders on ebay do: I perform a full recap of the SK-1's electrolytic capacitors. I recap the SK-1 with high quality Nichicon audio grade electrolytic capacitors for long life, lowered noise floor, and a better overall tone. The recapping really makes a significant sonic difference. It also extends the life of the SK-1 for another couple of decades as electrolytic capacitors start to go bad after about 20 years or so. Considering these guys were originally made in the 80's, without the recap the clock would be ticking on these vital parts."

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