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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Befaco VCMC Voltage Controlled MIDI Controller for Eurorack

Published on Oct 24, 2019 Molten Music Technology

"Let me introduce you to the VCMC from Befaco. It takes all your Eurorack CV modulation, notes and gates and maps them into MIDI so that your DAW or your MIDI synth or soft synth can be controlled and played from your rack. With VCMC you can incorporate soft and hard synths into your Eurorack workflow - that's blooming excellent!"


Published on Oct 24, 2019 DivKidVideo

"Here we have a lovely final piece of the puzzle in terms of studio and live connectivity between voltage controlled gear (primarily Modular Synths) and MIDI gear. The Befaco VCMC is a "voltage controlled MIDI controller" that provides 8 gate inputs, 8 buttons, 8 faders, 8 CV inputs and 2 additional aux inputs that can all be configured for various 1v/oct + gate to MIDI note, gate to MIDI note, MIDI CC, velocity, pitch bend and a whole manner of MIDI data. Set up is relatively quick and easy selecting the input, choosing it's function and then it's MIDI channel. Once your voltages are converted to MIDI you have a USB B and 5 pin DIN MIDI output to connect to all your MIDI gear, modern, vintage, computer based etc. I have more videos to come with the VCMC including looking at using Bitwig and the Boss RV500 reverb pedal. Do let me know what else you'd like to see with the VCMC in the comments.


00:00 intro and previews

02:22 Getting around VCMC and basic set up

03:12 Monophonic CV gate control of a MIDI synth. Korg MS-20 (kit version).

04:19 Setting up the MS-20 1v/oct to MIDI note patch

05:08 A quick look at the new Instrument Interface from Befaco (used for processing external gear through the modular set up in this video).

05:29 Sequencing the Korg Volca Sample with modular gate sequences + using stepped random CV to modulate MIDI CC parameters AND an additional slider CC controller.

06:52 Setting up gate sequencing and voltage modulation patch.

08:18 Duophonic sequencing of a Casio CZ-1 phase distortion synth. Using two pairs of gates and 1v/oct signals.

09:17 Setting up duophonic voltage sequencing

10:40 Modular fader box to voltage control DAW software"

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