MATRIXSYNTH: Cosmotronic Delta-V Dual Amped Function Generator 1/2: envelope & LFO (LMS EE)

Friday, November 22, 2019

Cosmotronic Delta-V Dual Amped Function Generator 1/2: envelope & LFO (LMS EE)

Published on Nov 22, 2019 Learning Modular

Part 2 is further below.

"The Cosmotronic Delta-V is a dual Attack/Decay envelope generator/slew with built-in VCAs and a number of other nicely thought-out features including Shape, End of Cycle trigger, looping, output attenuverters, and voltage control of the Attack and Decay times.

This video focuses on the envelope & slew generator portion of the Delta-V:

00:00 overview
00:32 Attack/Decay envelopes
01:10 Shape control
02:11 relationship between A & D shapes
03:16 output attenuverters
03:50 voltage controlled A & D times
04:50 slew generator
07:06 looping envelopes (LFO mode)
07:54 End of Cycle for a complex LFO
10:00 layering envelopes together
11:13 EOC for chaining envelopes together

The second movie demonstrates a number of applications for having a combined envelope generator and VCA, including modulating a filter with enveloped noise, creating percussive voices, enveloped FM depth, and delayed LFOs for tremolo.

My Patreon supporters have access to an additional post further discussing these features:

This movie is also part of the extended Eurorack Expansion course available through Learning Modular:

FTC Disclosure: Cosmotronic sent me this module at no charge so I could make an application video showing how handy it is to have an EG and VCA in the same module. But I was so excited about the EG side of this module, that I created this additional video showing its those features."

Cosmotronic Delta-V Dual Amped Function Generator 2/2: VCA applications (LMS EE)

Published on Nov 22, 2019 Learning Modular

00:00 overview
00:26 noise modulation of filter cutoff
01:17 noise percussion voice patch ideas
03:47 pitched percussion voice patch ideas
04:56 enveloped FM depth
07:32 delayed tremolo patch
09:32 conclusion

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