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Thursday, February 09, 2023

Vortex | A Complex Oscillator by Cosmotronic

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"In this video I'll dive a bit deeper into the Vortex. At first glance it's just another '259 inspired' machine, but I feel it goes way beyond the standard features of a complex VCO. You really need to read the manual to get the most from it - which is a lot.

This is a spin-off episode for the '259' series, so it will be in the same playlist. The series doesn't go deep into individual modules but is more about design concepts in general. I'll start with Episode 03 next week and I am planning spin-off's for the Cs-L and the DPO."

You can find additional Cosmotronic Vortex posts here.

Saturday, February 04, 2023

Cosmotronic COSMIX PRO / high quality stereo mixer for eurorack / playthrough

video upload by BRiES

"The COSMIX PRO by Cosmotronic was designed to have great headroom, which isn't an easy feat in the eurorack world. It has a very useful feature set that includes center indents for the panning knobs, CV control over the panning/balance of the stereo channels, 2 aux sends and returns (1 mono and 1 stereo), clickless mutes, low cut filters and gain boost switches. It comes in a black version and a silver version (the front panels are made of aluminium). In this video I do a quick rundown of all the features of the COSMIX PRO."

Friday, December 02, 2022

DISFAT / Cosmotronic COSMIX PRO / samples through filters / eurorack jam

video upload by BRiES

"In this patch I'm running a piano sample through a bandpass filter (using the Soundforce DUAL filter as a HP/LP combo to make a very narrow band with a lot of resonance on both sides).
The drums are a drumloop through a BP for the percussive part (the filter is modulated which causes the pitch changes) and a MA35 low pass for the deep kick/bass. Crater does some additional percussion, delayed by the wonderful 1 BIT Multitap Delay Feedback Modules sent me."

Monday, July 25, 2022

Cosmotronic Vortex Complex Oscillator RAW SOUNDS DEMO

video upload by brandon logic

"Raw sounds recorded straight from the outputs.
All analog wave folding, wave shaping, filtering, ring mod, phase mod, TZFM through zero fm all on board!"


Cosmotronic Vortex + Natural Gate + Magneto SOUND DEMO

video upload by brandon logic

"sequence into carrier oscillator, random voltage into modulator oscillator, and random into Natural Gates decay time."

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Superbooth 22: Cosmotronic - 5 Modules

video upload by sonicstate

"Matthijs started Cosmotronic 2 and a half years ago, and a pretty tumultuous time it's been, so it's great to finally see these modules at Superbooth.

Vortex is a complex oscillator, with 2 VCOs, each with their own unique signal path and filters. They can be cross-modulated and phase-shifted through-zero opening up a wide pallete of sound. We also get to see Delta-V - a dual function generator, Peradam, a side-chained distortion, Messor a stereo compressor, and Cosmix, a stereo mixer and dual band distortion with 4 mono channels, with panning and aux send (pre/post fader) and 2 stereo channels.

All modules available now.

Vortex Price: 750 euros. Delta-V Price: 220 euros. Cosmix Price: 270 euros. Messor Price: 230 euros. Peradam Price: 270 euros"

Thursday, April 07, 2022

Complex oscillator comparison - Cosmotronic vs. Hexinverter

video upload by John Schussler

"Unlike the Verbos and Sputnik complex oscillators I looked at last time [posted here], which are fairly straightforward, the Cosmotronic and Hexinverter complex oscillators are...definitely more complex.

They both add phase modulation to the wavefolder, and include more elaborate modulation buss control. Plus more intermodulation capabilities.

They're set up sufficiently differently that a direct feature-by-feature comparison would be hard to do in a sensible way. Or in under 3 hours. So this is really a long, meandering, very skip-around-able video to sample both flavors.

And when you're done, go listen to the Verbos and Sputnik. It's an interesting comparison.

Sequence: Stochastic IG. Envelope: Zadar

00:00 Intro
00:20 Vortex sequence
21:38 Vortex drone
28:28 Mindphaser sequence
47:22 Mindphaser drone"

Friday, February 04, 2022

Cosmotronic Peradam eurorack overdrive

video upload by John Schussler

"The Peradam is an overdrive module with a unique architecture: rather than just overdriving the signal into a square wave, it makes a copy of the source audio and then manipulates it to modulate the original signal.

If you really want to understand how it works, the architecture diagram in the manual is probably your best bet. tl;dr: it's complicated.

But you don't have to understand how it works to move the knobs and sliders and get interesting results. That's basically what this video is: me moving around knobs and sliders to get a basic feel for what kind of sounds the module makes.

Source audio: SE Oscillation. Sequence: Stochastic IG. Envelope: Zadar.

00:00 Intro
00:20 Sweeps
03:20 Sequence, drive off
07:45 Drive on
13:28 Square wave, sub
15:00 Faster sequence
16:00 FM"

See this post for additional details on the Cosmotronic Peradam.

Friday, December 10, 2021

Cosmotronic Peradam - Sidechained Distortion

video upload by Cosmotronic

"Peradam is an analog distortion module with an internal sidechain, like a compressor's twisted brother. The input signal is split up in a main signal that goes into a VCA, and side-chain. The side-chain is first phase modulated, and then ring modulated by itself, to create a signal at twice the frequency of the original. This signal then modulates the amplitude of the VCA, creating complex self distortions in the main signal.

That output then goes into a dual band drive circuit, similar to the one found in Cosmix, before entering a soft clipper output stage. Things get really wild when you start feedbacking this output back into the input, creating very rich feedback tones.

The module even goes into self oscillation at high feedback levels, producing all sorts of crazy sounds. Modulating all these parameters gives a broad palette of distortions, from subtle saturation to massive clipping and complete destruction.

Need a bit more drive? There's a handy +6dB gain switch on the input for that. A blend slider allows you to further dial in your tones, and mix in the distortion to taste.

MSRP € 270
Pre orders open now
Estimate shipping date: January 2022

For a more musical context please check it out in Colin Benders live set."

Live Setup PT 2 | Modular Mayhem With Colin Benders | S3E14 | Eurorack Jam Sessions

video upload by Colin Benders

About 8 minutes in.

"Modular Mayhem is back!!!!
we'll have a fresh episode and a whole season ahead of us! expect lots of nerding with gear, lots of patches, lots of modular things and lots of music.
All under the watchful eye of the most amazing community I could have wished for. Streampunks baby!"

Cosmotronic Messor - Stereo Compressor

video upload by Cosmotronic

"Messor is an analog stereo compressor with lots of tricks up its sleeve in only 8HP.
From squashing drums, sidechaining kicks and sculpting transients, to glueing a mix together, it's a very versatile dynamics manager.

At its core it's a VCA based feed-forward compressor with a low noise signal path. The magic is in the internal sidechain that shapes the gain reduction envelope. This starts with a a switchable high-pass / low-pass filter, before going into a precision envelope follower, controlled by familiar parameters: the attack, release, threshold, ratio and makeup gain.

The ratio can go past limiting and into over-compression, which can completely reshape transients, a great tool for sound design.

Being modular, of course there are CV inputs for Attack, Release and the side-chain Filter cutoff. The Gain CV controls the makeup gain, but also doubles as a Stereo VCA with the Gain knob turned fully CCW.

The gain reduction envelope is also available as an output, for turning filters or other VCA's into compressors for example, or as a standalone envelope follower.

There's a bypass switch, and a Warm mode, that can bring in a bit of additional saturation and compression in the form of analog tube simulation circuitry.
Lastly there's the possibility to insert an external sidechain, for that classic kick sidechain compression.

MSRP € 230
Pre orders open now
Estimate shipping date: January 2022

Drum loop by"

Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Cosmotronic Vortex - Complex Oscillator (Demo)

video upload by Cosmotronic

"Two VCO's, each with a unique waveshaper and folder and a 2-pole low pass filter. An FM index bus lets you patch complex cross modulations using exponential and thru zero linear FM. The left VCO can be phase modulated, while the right VCO can be amplitude modulated, and everything under CV control.

All sounds coming from Vortex, envelopes and vca's come from Delta-v.
Everything 100% analog.


0:00 Right VCO - Noodling
3:37 Duophonic patch
4:57 Right VCO Sine out: Waveshaping, AM, FM
6:17 Right VCO jam, using CV envelopes
11:02 Right VCO main out, raw waveforms
11:28 Left VCO, raw waveforms
12:29 Modulation madness"

See this post for additional details on the Cosmotronic Vortex.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Cosmotronic Vortex - Thru Zero Complex Oscillator

video by Cosmotronic

"All sounds are dry and straight from the vco, except for the Delta-V VCA."

"A new 100% analog complex oscillator, featuring two independent VCO's. Both voices have a unique signal path and flavour. Complex cross modulations entangle them together, opening up completely new timbral territories.

Features inlude the Thru Zero trinity; Frequency, Phase and Amplitude modulation.
Each oscillator also has its own Low Pass Filter, which works great to mellow the harsher tones from complex intermodulations.

Each VCO has great tracking and temperature stability, there is no distinction between a carrier and modulator.

The FM bus modulates the index of each individual voice, with linear and exponential inputs for external sources. There are also inputs for Sync in, with both soft and hard sync.

The left VCO signal chain starts with a shape function, that lets you morph between triangle and saw. This waveform is also available as a separate output.

Next is a sinusoidal wavefolder, which changes its response dramaticaly based on shape of the waveform. The circuit is based on a modified version of a design by Barrie Gilbert from 1977, popularized by Open-Music-Labs (used with permission)
This circuit also creates the possibility of Thru Zero Phase Modulation, here the depth is controlled with the third slider. The source is normaled to VCO 2, but external modulation sources can be patched in, and the depth can also be modulated with CV.

Lastly there's a 2-pole Low Pass Filter, before going out the MAIN output. All parameters can be CV controlled, and feature handy attenuators at the inputs.


The first slider is a continuous waveform shaper, that morphs from sine to tri to saw.

This waveform then enters the Thru Zero Amplitude Modulation (Ringmod) section. The slider sets the depth of modulation, with the source normalized to VCO 1. The depth can be CV controlled, and an external source can be patched as well. The result is also available on a separate output, pre wavefolder/filter (VCO 2 sine).

The third slider is a wavefolder, it's based around a novel wavefolding topology, with a unique and more aggressive sound compared to the sinusoidal folder of VCO 1.

The wavefolded signal goes into a 2 pole Low Pass Filter, and out of the MAIN output."

Friday, November 22, 2019

Cosmotronic Delta-V Dual Amped Function Generator 1/2: envelope & LFO (LMS EE)

Published on Nov 22, 2019 Learning Modular

Part 2 is further below.

"The Cosmotronic Delta-V is a dual Attack/Decay envelope generator/slew with built-in VCAs and a number of other nicely thought-out features including Shape, End of Cycle trigger, looping, output attenuverters, and voltage control of the Attack and Decay times.

This video focuses on the envelope & slew generator portion of the Delta-V:

00:00 overview
00:32 Attack/Decay envelopes
01:10 Shape control
02:11 relationship between A & D shapes
03:16 output attenuverters
03:50 voltage controlled A & D times
04:50 slew generator
07:06 looping envelopes (LFO mode)
07:54 End of Cycle for a complex LFO
10:00 layering envelopes together
11:13 EOC for chaining envelopes together

The second movie demonstrates a number of applications for having a combined envelope generator and VCA, including modulating a filter with enveloped noise, creating percussive voices, enveloped FM depth, and delayed LFOs for tremolo.

My Patreon supporters have access to an additional post further discussing these features:

This movie is also part of the extended Eurorack Expansion course available through Learning Modular:

FTC Disclosure: Cosmotronic sent me this module at no charge so I could make an application video showing how handy it is to have an EG and VCA in the same module. But I was so excited about the EG side of this module, that I created this additional video showing its those features."

Cosmotronic Delta-V Dual Amped Function Generator 2/2: VCA applications (LMS EE)

Published on Nov 22, 2019 Learning Modular

00:00 overview
00:26 noise modulation of filter cutoff
01:17 noise percussion voice patch ideas
03:47 pitched percussion voice patch ideas
04:56 enveloped FM depth
07:32 delayed tremolo patch
09:32 conclusion

Friday, November 01, 2019

Industrial Music Electronics Bionic Lester MKIII with QD + Delta V

Published on Nov 1, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"The Industrial Music Electronics Bionic Lester MkIII is a slippery beast, capable of shifting from squelchy lowpass to gritty comb filtering/delays at a moment's notice. Paired here with the Mutable Plaits, Cosmotronic Delta-V, and Quad Drum, it provides the backbone for a series of short jams and timbral explorations.

Bionic Lester MkIII is a dual digital filter inspired by the golden era of Virtual Analog synthesis: two filters with mode morphing, preset memory, and overdrive at the input, providing conventional lowpass, highpass, and bandpass, as well as the opportunity for comb filtering, intense feedback, multi-peak filtering, and more. The QD is a quad digital drum module that can act as a sample player, wavetable oscillator, or digital drum modeler. Cosmotronic's Delta-V is a slope generator borne from the legacy of the Serge DUSG, adding two VCAs for easy end-of-chain voice construction.

Bionic Lester MkIII available here:
QD available here:
Delta-V available here:"


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