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Saturday, November 09, 2019

Faemi-1M rarest soviet analog polyphonic synthesizer

via this auction

"The unit is professionally serviced, tested & perfect working condition with signs of use.

Great condition, with case.
FAEMI-1M was produced by Katchkanar radio equipment factory "Formanta", which is the manufacturer of such well-known makes of synthesizers as Polivoks, Formanta, Manual, Maestro etc. It bears the same logo on the package and retains some of its most impressive capabilities. A polyphonic analog synthesizer FAEMI-1M has a keyboard of 4 octaves. Main generator, infralow frequency generator, lowpass filter, amplifier are in the basis of the synthesis in this instrument. The control panel is divided into 5 sections: generator, timbre, vibrato, filter, amplifier.

GENERATOR: release, tuning, glissando

TIMBRE: piano, strings, clavesin, wind instruments

VIBRATO (generator of pulse low frequency): frequency, depth, delay

FILTER: attack, decay, sustain, release, frequency, resonance, modulation (works only for a brass section)


Has been tested and it's fully functional and works just like it should.

FAEMI-1M has a really interesting PURE ANALOG UNIQUE sound.

Like almost all Soviet synths is built like a tank from heavy materials."

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  1. RUFnKiddingMe?!? FIFTEEN pics and NOT ONE clear shot of the MAIN panel controls???
    (comment to listing poster, NOT matrix, who can only post what someone else puts out)



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