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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Phil's Rev2 Jam-torials with the Sequential Rev2

Published on Mar 20, 2019 Phil's Rev2 Jam-torials


1. Episode 1: Some Percussive Exploration on the Prophet Rev2
Foolin around with some percussive patching on the Rev2.
2. Episode 2: Exploring Audio Mod on the Prophet Rev2
Diving into the Rev2's Audio Mod. A favorite feature of mine that really took me a while to learn to utilize.

The Prophet's Audio Mod is Filter FM. OSC1 modulating the cutoff frequency. You can achieve these sounds on many synths.

Hopefully this can give you some ideas in your own patching!
3. Episode 3: Drum Quickie on Prophet Rev2
My percussive video touched on this but I wanted to show some more traditional analog drum sounds on the Rev2.

Just a quickie. I wont go as deep into explanations but its all there if you watch :D

I first learned about this concept from Inside Synthesis. I highly suggest scoping this video out if you want to dive deeper!

The Rev2 specifically has some cool potential here with its multiple beat syncable lfos that you can attach to just about anything (including each other and themselves.)

This patch is really just a starting point for future experimentation! The limit is your imagination.
4. Episode 4: The Hidden Looper in the Prophet Rev2
Very fun and inspiring trick I stumbled across to achieve a Looper like effect on the DSI Rev2. I wanted to keep the sound design as simple as possible and focus on the underlying concepts of this trick here so I used the simplest possible sound, a Sine Wave :D

Here is a jam I made using the looping LFO on cutoff instead of volume.

You can definitely expand on this idea! I'm going to start a new thing in the description of these videos with some rough ideas for going further with the concepts!

Going Further:

- Instead of the Loop LFO on our Amp Amount you can set it to the Filter Cutoff of an Init Patch for a more filter sweep type sound!

- Square LFO on the Loop LFO's rate would jump between two different loop speeds.

-A slow triangle LFO could slowly alter the loop speed. You could also use that same Tri LFO on pitch.

-This is all possible because a Reverse Saw sounds like a decaying notes. Give a regular Sawtooth LFO a shot instead!

-You can use this like an onboard delay on the p08! If you have a Rev2, that means you could have two delays. Both Beat synced if you want.
5. Episode 5: Audio Rate "Sweet" Spots on the Prophet Rev2
Fair warning, there are a fair amount of noisy, less musical moments here but that's kind of what I specialize in. :D

DSI aren't really known for their smooth audio rate modulations but I still feel there is some cool sound design potential to be had with some careful programming.

Going Further:

-Applying these finely tuned Audio Rate LFOS to other destinations.

-Adding another LFO to modulate the Audiorate LFO's rate.

A slow Tri with a low amount could give more movement to that pulsing effect.

A square tuned to juuuust the right amount could bounce between two finely tuned Rate settings on the Audio Rate LFO.
6. Episode 6: Digital-Drive Destruction on the Prophet Rev2
Digital distortion is not something you often hear as a selling point or sought after feature but I've been really enjoying the drive on the Rev2 with some of its interesting tendencies.

I try not to focus on terms like analog/digital and instead try to find the potential in the tools given to us.

If you haven't noticed by now, I love using a Self Osc Filter on the Rev2, and it pairs very nicely with the on-board drive. Adding in a little Audio-Out mod smooths the drive a bit and makes everything a little more squishy and organic.

Going Further:

- The drive is turning our Self OSC Sine wave into a squared off wave. You can attach an Envelope to the drive amount and tone that will essentially be acting as a filter!

- I left the drive full on the whole time but there are definitely subtler versions of this.

- The weird ambiances bit later on works very well without drive. I'll probably do a whole video on Audio Out as a mod source in the future. :D
7. Spacey, Chilled Out DSI Prophet Rev2 Ambient Jam with built in "Looper."
Messing with some of the concepts from my previous videos. The whole thing uses the on-board Looper trick I described here but on the cutoff filter instead of Amp volume.

I have an external delay/verb that are on the whole time without any settings changing. There are parts later that sound almost like a shimmer verb, but its really just the Rev2's audio mod doing its magic. Its free and loose and there are some parts I wish I did better but I still hope you guys enjoy the journey.

1:09 - audiomod starts
2:30 - slower blippy thing
3:45 - getting colder
6:09 - full on ICE
7:30 - outro
8. TIP: How I Save Prophet Rev2 Patches in Ableton
Doing something a bit different this time! I wanted to show you guys how I have my Rev2 setup for use within Ableton. It took me a while to figure this workflow out, and it wasn't very intuitive, but once I finally got it working, it really opened up the Rev2 in my studio!

I love my Rev2 but I can't stand its patching methods. The tiny knobs to cycle through banks/programs just didn't work for me (not to mention trying to name patches.)

In fact, I hate it so much I had plans to build an arduino patch changer into my Rev2 itself that will function similarly to the P6 bank/program buttons with no patch names. This Ableton trick has me putting that idea on the back-burner but I still plan to do it one day.

With this method I'm able to save my rev2 patches within Ableton, complete with any FX or processing I want to add. I can organize these as I see fit, have them recall instantly with any project I open and hotswap them out with ease.

In this setup my Rev2 is also serving as my main keyboard controller for itself and other instruments.

Things you'll need:
- Loop Midi:
- Rev2 VST Editor:

AFAIK there isn't a way to set this up without purchasing a VST editor for the Rev2. The Soundtower should work just as well but I don't have experience with it.

TBH these are just midi CC paramters so if you can find a way to access those on your own, possibly through M4L, this may be possible without an editor.

***One thing I forgot to mention! When you add the External Audio Effect, do not monitor the track. You will get a doubling of your sound.

You'll have to leave monitoring set to off. There is probably a work around but I haven't bothered to find it :D

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