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Monday, December 02, 2019

EMS VCS3 1969 + Crickewood DK1 + documents , fully serviced, many mods

SN 214 via this auction

"May be the unique chance to purchase one of the first VCS3's made back in 1969 ! EMS VCS3 + DK2 + original documents / fully serviced/ many invisible and reversible mods added (see below!)
Serial # 214 VCS3
Fully serviced in 2014 by a reputed tech in Belgium.
Huge and quite expensive work !

VCS3 + DK2 have been fully calibrated according to the EMS service manual procedure.
Many invisible modification using matrix and push pull pots, no extra holes drilled in the panel :

1- OSC 2 and OSC 3 SHAPE CV via the reverb mix column - pull the SHAPE knob will connect it to the reverb mix column

2 - Audio/LFO RANGE fo each OSC - pull the SINE or SQUARE knob changes the range

3- SYNC of osc 1 slaved to osc 2 and/or osc 3 when their triangle know is pulled.
Os1 ramp knob selects 2 sync depths

4 – OSC 1 and 2 stabilisation (LM394H)

5 – Temperature compensation (TYCO tempco)

6 – Filter 4 or 5 pole selector (pull the frequency knob for 5 pole)

7 – Filter Response control (pull the response knob for voltage control via the meter column)

8 - filter slew/unslew - Pull up the « level » knob makes the filter receptive to audio range CV and allow nice FM and percussive sounds - excellent !

9 – Envelope ATTACK and DECAY times x10 + ON and OFF times x10 (both
mods together can produce cycles longer than 5 minutes !)

10 – TRAPEZOID polarity control - pulling the knob inverts the trapezoid

11 – Gate input modification on a control output jack socket

12 - 2 x 1V/oct precalibrated CV input on the HIGH LEVEL jack inputs, to have 1V/oct, set the corresponding input level pot to 10. Tracks ok on 5 octaves with the frequency dial in central position.
Buffers keep the CV stable regardless of the number of pins . new vernier dials firmly mounted to metal standoffs instead of the terrible rubber strip used on the very early units

13 - new caps in the PSU
14 - new trimmers"

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  1. Just went out and bought a couple of lottery tickets........maybe just maybe. :)


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