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Sunday, February 23, 2020

CMS 2607 Demo - Beat Patch

Uploaded on Dec 31, 2016 precarious333

Similar to this 2600 piece. The video above is from 2016. You can find CMS 2607 posts including recent demos from CMS / Phil Cirroco here.

"Patch is 2607 only. No external input or CV.
Kick is the filter self-oscillating with VCO 3 saw wave modulated by the ADSR mixed in.

Snare/HH thing is noise through the Ring Mod in VCA mode.
ADSR is triggering both sounds, which are fed into the two inputs of the switch with the main clock switching between them. Both are playing every beat but because of the switch you only hear every other hit.

Base is VCO 1 saw wave modulated by the same ADSR, so falling on both the up and down beat. Patched through the lag processor (fourth horizontal slider) which works as a low pass filter on audio.

Tinkly sound is VCO 3 sine wave frequency modulated by VCO 1 with Sample/Hold supplying random pitched notes. Then run through processor two (third horizontal slider) which I manually switch between normal and the Post Filter Distortion circuit from the ARP Centaur.

Processor section one (top 2 horizontal sliders) is being used to mix the base and tinkly sounds to send to the VCA section where both envelopes work to shape the volume through both linear and exponential inputs.

Output of switch and VCA routed to the final mix stage with spring reverb into the unity gain input. This works great since reverb has it's own gain control at source.

Recorded as a mono track into Ableton Live 8. Compression used to keep things in check."

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