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Saturday, February 08, 2020

GEM wk2 module EXPANDER realtime midi arranger w/ Video Karaoke Out?

via this auction

Never seen one of these before. Note the video out mentioned below and the optional sampling.

"The Professional Musician's Best Friend! GEM WK2 Midi ArrangerThis is a very high-quality item, used by professional musicians the world over.In excellent condition, the GEM WK2 performs as if it was brand new and has had home use only (connected to a Hammond organ). Its ideal for Organs, Keybpards, Midi Accordions or just as stand alone accompaniment unit. It came in Part Exchange for a Ketron Audya. These versatile machines cost around £1000 when new, so if you are not familiar with them, please read more about its capabilities below and GRAB A BARGAIN!

The WK2 MIDI Arranger is the arranger module from GEM designed for musicians who want a modern, technologically advanced, easy-to-use instrument capable of satisfying any musical need. A glance at the control panel is enough to tell you that the WK2 MIDI Arranger is an instrument alone in it's class: the clear and simple panel layout consisting of direct access buttons and controls, the large backlit coloured display which keeps you in control, the modern, captivating look are just a few of the ingredients that make the WK2 MIDI Arranger a singularly unique instrument.GenerationThe WK2 MIDI Arranger offers 444 high quality sounds to suit just about any style of music.16-part multitimbral, with 32 note polyphony, programmable split and the ability to layer 2 sounds together, the WK2 MIDI Arranger lets you to create rich, modern sound textures quickly and easily.Effects processorsThe WK2 MIDI Arranger contains 2 independent digital effects processors with 22 reverbs and 22 effects, with controls for the main level and separate send levels for each track.StylesThe arranger section of the WK2 MIDI Arranger contains 96 styles with 4 variations each, made up of 5 tracks (Drums, Bass, Acc.1/2/3); the important 'Single Touch Play' function lets you assign 10 different performances to each style, allowing you to instantly reconfigure the setting of the styles by pushing a single button.

You can also memorize any configuration of sounds, styles, effects, controls, MIDI channels, track status, etc. in 63 dedicated Performances which can be instantly recalled whenever you need them in the future Normally complex editing procedures are made easy thanks to a series of function keys which give you direct access to every function. In addition, the WK2 MIDI Arranger lets you immediately select your favourite sounds and styles with the 'Direct Sound Memory' and 'Direct Style Memory' controls. These 32 buttons allow you to memorize your most frequently used sounds and styles and then recall them with a single command.SequencerThe WK2 MIDI Arranger is equipped with a practical sequencer that lets you, quickly and easily, record up to 7 Song Styles using any of the on-board styles. Your compositions can then be saved to disk. The WK2 MIDI Arranger is compatible with the vast existing GEM disk libraries in WK3, PK7, GMX and CD formats, with the industry standard Standard Midi File formats 0, 1 and 1+ lyrics, and also with GEM's new 'RASS' (Real Audio Syncro Style) format. RASS allows you to use specially processed real audio samples which are synchronized with the MIDI styles, creating highly effective rhythm tracks. As you change tempo, the sample actually follows your changes exactly as though it was another MIDI track. The 'Direct from Disk function speeds up the playback of songs stored on floppy disks, while the 'Play all Songs' button allows you to listen a song disk's entire contents with a single command.Disk DriveThe built-in disk drive lets you manage an enormous variety of files ready to use. All your configurations can also be saved on floppy disk, using the built-in 3.5" disk drive.

Built-In Video Out / Vocal Processor Interface with Digital Sampling (optional). Video Out Using the built-in Video Out, you can connect most types of TV or video display to the WK2 MIDI Arranger to view the karaoke style lyrics sychronised to your songs. The optional Vocal Processor interface, easily installed in it's own b..."

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