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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Midimini V30: Monosynth/Polysynth

Published on Feb 23, 2020 StudioElectronics

"Greg St. Regis suggested I abandon my long form addiction, and parse out more digestible bits, and so I have. An added benefit: I have cherry-picked elements which don’t actually talk to each other in the normal course of business—in Part 4 (see below).

Part 1: Paraphonic, DAW multitracked chords, and single zone sample stretches—why do they sound so good in DP10’s Nanosampler?—are the focus here… well there is a slush/smush of everything actually (Including analog percussion & FX), although in Part 2 the emphasis will be on the bass and the wicked lines we make.

OK, we’ve covered Part 2.

Part 3: Iso leads and their deliciousness.

Part 4, you ask? My long form habit—the complete piece—which is decidedly more concise than usual.

Sometimes it’s hard to wrap my mind around how outstanding this V30 sounds. The gain staging: Oscillator levels, AMP DRIVE, FEEDBACK, Feedback Gain (FBK GAIN), and the final OUT stage, make for a vast and yet intimate micro-climate of tone, warmth and dirty, usually reserved for guitar players and their axes, amps, and pedals (lovers too). Slide on over instruments with necks; the Midimini V30 has its eyes on your prize.

And the patch points which can go #OutsToOuts keep it pushing and pulsing well beyond the call of duty.

MSR 2.22.20"

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