MATRIXSYNTH: New Behringer TD-3-DF "Murdered Out" - Devil Fish Version In the Works?

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

New Behringer TD-3-DF "Murdered Out" - Devil Fish Version In the Works?

Might want to hold off on that TD-3...

Click here for more info.

Update: created a Synth Drama label for these moving forward. Should have created it years ago...

Is Behringer's WASP Deluxe a Clone of a Clone?

AMSynths & Behringer

Korg's Hiroaki Nishijima joins Behringer

Fingersonic's Luigi Scarano & Behringer


  1. My wife Tina and I were surprised to see this CAD generated image of what we assume is a proposed new product. Our response is at:

  2. Thanks Robin (creator of Devilfish!) for the article. Very interesting.

  3. Uli has no respect for originality and effort, he thinks that by copying a product and releasing it a fraction of the cost he is providing a service to musicians. This is no different to distributing pirate dvds in a market except there are no laws to protect manufacturers as there are with the film industry. One thing to remember is that knock offs are for a particular group of consumers in the same way as those that buy cola drinks instead of Pepsi or Coca-Cola. You can't beat the real article and eventually one the sensation of all these copies become a regular event they won't create so much attention.

  4. People invariably choose a product on price alone and do not consider that if you only buy Behringer - then once all the boutique and innovate makers have been forced out of business (one way or another), then there will only be Behringer and what kind of choice is that?

  5. Your article reeks of privilege. If you weren't aware, not everyone in the world is getting paid Australian salaries, and the rent is climbing worldwide. The fact you couldn't come to terms is no one's problem but you two's.

    Also, "murder" is not a swear word. I would assume you aren't too familiar with the pedal market, otherwise you might have a heart attack.

  6. It's one thing to clone synths that are long out of production and that were produced by large corporations, but another thing entirely to rip of the work of individuals who are still producing the thing being cloned.

  7. Uli: Hey, nice bike you have. How much you want for it?
    Robin: Well, I built this bike myself and like it very much. So, would like 300$ and the guarantee that you take good care of it.
    Uli: I only give you 15$.
    Robin: No deal.

    Uli kicks Robin in the balls, steals the bike and puts a poorly done and tacky paintjob on it.

    1. That analogy would only work in a world where skillsets were able to be stolen. No loss of "bike" occurs in real life. In your analogy, Uli looks at the bike, which is printed in a book, and builds his own, with his tacky paintjob, leaving the original bike to rot and collect artificial scarcity points.

  8. For those interested, here's Uli Behringer's response in full:


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