MATRIXSYNTH: OB-6: "Amberlight"

Saturday, February 15, 2020

OB-6: "Amberlight"

Published on Feb 15, 2020 Kris Lennox

"Something I wrote at/on the OB-6 earlier. The OB-6 is an instrument that inspires & triggers music/creativity. Sit down, program a sound, and the mind travels to new creative places. I took the Obi to a friend's house a while back, and he was lost for hours. If you ever get the chance to play one, capitalise on it.

Dave & Tom really did pull a blinder with the Obi. What an instrument. There's something achingly nostalgic about the sound. SEM filter sweeps are legendary - but the OB6 has a tender sound when the filter is backed off. Very subtle tone that sits wonderfully in a mix.

If pushed, I'd have to say the the Obi is most likely my all-time favourite polysynth - of any era. Like most, I enjoy the variety of tone from various monos - but like many, I'm more particular RE polys; not for any elitist reason, but more a case of it being very difficult to produce a great-sounding polysynth. Great monos are plenty; great polys, perhaps less so.

RE the track: I added some gentle percussion (North African shakers), and the low bass is a second layer I recorded on the Obi after filming the main part. I'm playing with the metronome as the shakers are sampled/sequenced, hence the timing of the main part needed to be tight.

Enjoy/all best

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