MATRIXSYNTH: Easy Programming pt 1 - Ambient Orchestral // Korg Wavestate Tutorial

Sunday, March 08, 2020

Easy Programming pt 1 - Ambient Orchestral // Korg Wavestate Tutorial

Published on Mar 7, 2020 Ron Cavagnaro

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Intro 0:00
Changing to Init Performance 0:39
Amp ADSR 1:00
Reverb 1:22
Selecting Samples 1:33
Crossfading Two Samples Improv Demo 2:24
Adding More Two Sample Steps 3:20
Soloing Sample Step 4:21
Setting Loop End To Four Steps 4:45
Crossfading Four Samples Improv Demo 5:07
Changing Sample Steps 5:53
Pitch LFO 6:40
Extended Improv Demo 7:05
Changing The Octave for each Sample Step 10:01
Changing Time Duration 11:00
Extended Ambient Orchestral Improv Demo 11:18


Easy Programming pt 2 - Cinematic Pianos & Plucks // Korg Wavestate Tutorial

Published on Mar 8, 2020 Ron Cavagnaro

intro 0:00
Init Performance 0:32
Changing Mode To Single Multisample 0:45
Setting AMP ADSR And Velo Sensitivity 1:14
Acoustic Piano Improv Demo 1:47
Adding New Layer 2:37
Changing Octave of Layer 3:38
Banjo and Acoustic Piano Improv Demo 3:56
Adding A Third Layer 4:32
Changing Octave and Volume of Layer 5:18
Banjo, Acoustic Piano, and Glass Bell Improv Demo 5:33
Making More Changes 6:03
Adding A Fourth Layer 6:48
Four layer single Multisample Demo 6:55
Changing Each Layer To A Pluck Sound 7:31
Adding Reverb 7:48
Cinematic Pluck Sound Demo 8:17

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