MATRIXSYNTH: Of Permutation, Future, and Hope | Modular Vignette Series

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Of Permutation, Future, and Hope | Modular Vignette Series

Published on Mar 22, 2020 File Transfer Protocol

"Public service announcements, cute logos and catchphrases and official communications are all well and good, but those will fall on deaf ears when the bodies start to pile up... When there are no jobs to be had.

With calm sadness in my heart, the realization that what our children are about to witness is no different than the stories of hardship our grandparents and great grandparents shared with us when we were children.

Times unrecognizable as we arrogantly assume we have evolved past such desperation. We have not. This is the moment before the after that will forever change the face of humanity. A line, a bracket, in the timeline of human history.

Hold on to each other and brace... find comfort and harden your thoughts, as we only have each other. As governments turn their backs or topple, economies collapse and the faithful lose their sense of direction, it will be self reliance and sense of community that saves us.

Cooperate, Assimilate, Amalgamate, or Annihilate... it’s up to us. Maybe this is what we needed to see the humanity in each other, once again. Maybe this will change how we see each other... 'Flatten the Curve' is not a plan. It's a contingency for damage control.

Hope is such an interesting thing."

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